VacuSeal Gland

8-8 V1T3-SSV 1.79-PE
/ EA
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Parker VacuSeal gland, 316LSS (VIM/VAR), 1/2" face seal (VacuSeal) x 1/2" tube stub, Parker polish & electropolished to 5 ra max., 1.79" end-to-end
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The VacuSeal face seal fitting is designed for use in high purity positive pressure and vacuum applications where component removal is required. The VacuSeal face seal fitting incorporates a mating toroid and metal gasket seal design, which results in a helium leak-tight seal when the mating toroids are microfinished to accept the gasket.

  • Tested to helium leak rate of better than 1 x 10(-9)
  • Available in 316L, 316L (AOD/VAR), and 316L (VIM/VAR) stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel or nickel gaskets
  • No axial clearance required to remove components
  • Internal electropolish and hot DI water cleaning for high purity