Intelligent Addressable Control Panels

Edwards Signaling 8/6/2018
Intelligent Addressable Control Panels

Intelligent Addressable Control Panels

Kidde advanced intelligent addressable technology delivers the benefits of flexible system installation, while a clean and easy-to-operatate user interface makes panel operation and system maintenance quick and intuitive.

The Edwards family of intelligent components also offers contractors and installers simple setup and installation, while delivering options that take full advantage of intelligent fire alarm processing. With a microprocessor in each device, intelligence is distributed throughout the system so that command decisions are made at the individual module, rather than bottlenecking at the control panel.

This not only speeds event processing, it also makes a more robust and reliable system – so robust, in fact, that when upgrading from a conventional panel to an Kidde intelligent system, you can usually use existing wiring – no twisted or shielded cable required!

Standard Features

The attractive appearance of Edwards control panels fits in any decor. Controls are discreetly inset behind the window.

• Sized to fit your needs: E-FSA64 - 64 points or E-FSA254 - 127 points. Expandable to 254 points.
• Supports up to eight serial annunciators, LCD, LED, and graphic interface
• 4 x 20 character, backlit LCD display, with event details display
• User interface includes two programmable switches with LEDs and custom labeling
• Class B or A SLC standard on both E-FSA64 and E-FSA250
• Class B or A NAC and annunciator wiring on E-FSA250 panels, optional on E-FSA64
• WireSaver feature enables use of existing or new solid or stranded fire wire, (up to 20K ft.)
• Form C contacts for alarm and trouble, Form A for supervisory
• Optional RS-232 printer/programming port
• Supports horn silence over two wires and UL 1971-compliant strobe synchronization with Genesis low profile notification appliances
• Fast ground-fault diagnostic mode
• Supports intelligent modules, pull stations, detectors,
• Programmable duct detector relay, sounder and relay bases
• Rotary addressing on all intelligent addressable devices
• Detailed module personality codes simplify programming
• Access panel programming and diagnostics locally or remotely via phone or IP
• Remote program read in any panel state
• Automatic drift compensation and two-level CleanMe maintenance alert reporting on spot and duct detectors
• Detector Sensitivity level, alarm verification, and pre alarm set by point
• Day/Night sensitivity detector adjustment
• PinPoint enhanced ground-fault identification by circuit and module

Intelligent Single Loop Systems, Kidde data sheet number S85005-0131

E-FSA64*D                   Fire AlarmControl Panel, Intelligent/Addressable, 64 Points, w/U/DDialer, 24VDC
E-FSA64*                     Fire AlarmControl Panel, Intelligent/Addressable, 64 Points, 24VDC
SA-TRIM1                    Fire AlarmControl Accessory, Semi-Flush Mt.,TrimKit, E-FSA64*

Intelligent Two-Loop Systems, Edwards data sheet number S85005-0130

E-FSA250*D                 Fire AlarmControl Panel, Intelligent/Addressable, 127 Standardupto254 Points, w/U/DDialer
E-FSA250*                    Fire AlarmControl Panel, Intelligent/Addressable, 127 Standardupto254 Points
D16L-FA                      Remote Annuciator, LED, 16-Zone, 2-LEDs per Zone
SA-TRIM2                    Fire AlarmControl Accessory, Semi-Flush Mt.,TrimKit, E-FSA250*

* Indicate color with R for red, G for gray, i.e. E-FSA64D, E-FSA250G