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Millennium System Master

Edwards Signaling 8/6/2018
Millennium System Master: You’re in complete control from the plant floor.

Millennium System Master

Get multi-function power and true flexibility for both emergency and routine signaling. With a single Edwards Millennium System Master you take complete control of all your emergency, evacuation, and routine signaling. And you do it with functionality and features that can turn plant-floor signaling into a powerful business tool.

Edwards Signaling System Master control panel is your new signaling communications center. Its simple touch-programming keys and easy-to-read, 40-character, 2-line LCD display make set up, operations, and modifications a snap. Thanks to System Master’s Dynamic Zone Control (DZC) and its programmable zone reconfiguration, you can leverage the signaling investments you’ve already made without the need for expensive rewiring.

You get all these functions built-in:

• 67 tones
• Audio, voice, and power supervision
• Microphone and external input supervision
• Up to four five-second, field- recordable voice messages
• Hand-held microphone paging
• Phone paging from your PBX phone system
• Standby power feature for all functions
• Up to 64 satellite units addressable through the RS485 Network
• Output and trouble relays designed for fail-safe operation
• Top, side, and bottom knockouts for easy wire entry
• LED alarm and status indicators
• Easy-to-adjust output audio volume

Plus, Millennium System Master meets all OSHA self-monitoring, prioritization, and standby power requirements, as well as UL standards for emergency evacuation signaling.