Protecting A Freezer Door

Edwards Signaling 9/28/2018
Protecting A Freezer Door


Securing a freezer door against unauthorized entry. The Sentrol normally closed 2505A-L5 industrial magnetic contact can withstand condensation or temperatures in freezers down to -40˚F.


The Interlogix switch and actuating magnet (part 1920D) are mounted with sheet metal screws inside the freezer on the door and door casing as shown. Because steel can decrease the gap of the switch by as much as one half, mount Sentrol 1913 anodized aluminum spacers (1/2" (1.27 cm) thick) under the switch and magnet to decrease the effect of the steel on the magnetic field. The magnet and switch should be at the top of the door to prevent accidental damage to the switch and to discourage tampering. Logos on magnet and switch must read in the same direction as shown (the switch is polarity sensitive).

Test using ohmmeter.


Switch - 2505A-L5; Spacer - 1913; Magnet - 1920D; Clamp - 1931.

Protecting A Freezer Door