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Protecting Boats At Moorages

Edwards Signaling 9/28/2018
Protecting Boats At Moorages


You can extend coverage of a marine alarm to the moorage.


Use a Sentrol 2105A standard-type Magnapull to extend coverage of a normal marine alarm to the dock or moorage where the boat is secured. The magnet block may be attached in several locations on the dock depending on the structure of the moorage. It may be possible to mount it in a location where it will not be visible. An Interlogix extra magnet housing will be required if the boat owner wants to arm the system at a location different from the usual moorage.

For example, it is often possible to run the switch cord through a permanently attached fixture on the dock, such as a cleat or ring, then back to the boat where the magnet housing is attached.

Note: Leads of various lengths are available from the factory.


Protecting Boats At Moorages