Protecting Other Fence Gates

Edwards Signaling 9/28/2018
Protecting Other Fence Gates


Other chain link fence gates can be protected with magnetic contacts. Brackets attach to gate post and gate frame, depending on diameter of post and gate. Interlogix switch or magnet may be mounted on inside, outside or side of bracket, depending on space between post and gate.


Determine switch and magnet position. Switch has 3' armored cable. Cable may be run to junction box or to inside of pipe for splicing.
Mount brackets on post and gate with masking tape. Swing gate to check clearance. Drill 9/64" (0.36 cm) diameter holes to mount brackets, using self-tapping screws.

Mount switch and magnet to brackets - labels should read in same direction for proper polarity.

Test switch with ohmmeter.

Wire switch into circuit and test.

Note: To prevent false alarms, keep gate fastened tight using a chain or other restraining device.

Important: Switch cable of various lengths can be ordered from factory.


Protecting Other Fence Gates