hammond manufacturing Articles

hammond manufacturing Articles

Competitively Priced Wash Down Stainless Steel Wallmount Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing 12/1/2015
Stainless Steel Wallmount EnclosuresStainless steel is the preferred enclosure material for use in the chemical, food and beverage, water treatment and allied industries. It offers good corrosion and chemical resistance, a durable finish that does not need painting and high impact resistance. 
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Improving Efficiency and the Environment

Hammond Manufacturing 4/25/2013

Improving Efficiency and the EnvironmentWhile being “green” has become a popular marketing term in recent years; Hammond takes great pride in exceeding the provincial and federal environmental regulations for manufacturing in Canada. While Hammond has always had a focus on conservation, during the past five years we have kicked our initiatives into overdrive.

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NEMA vs UL and CSA - Enclosure Ratings Defined

Hammond Manufacturing 3/28/2013

Enclosure Ratings DefinedEnclosures and Cabinets, used to house electronic equipment, are often listed with NEMA, UL and/or CSA ratings. But what do they really mean and what is the difference? If you purchased an enclosure or cabinet that was advertised as being dust-tight but does not indicate a rating inside the enclosure, should you be concerned?

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The Facts about Seismic Racks and Cabinets

Hammond Manufacturing 3/4/2013

The Facts about Seismic Racks and CabinetsWhen I’m not helping customers with their Data/Comm enclosure requirements at Hammond Manufacturing, I spend my time observing the weather and major events on our Earth. From chasing tornados to watching celestial events, I find our Earth fascinating.

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White Cabinets Save Energy in the Data Center

Hammond Manufacturing 7/7/2011
White CabinetIn recent months we have received increasing demand for cabinets painted white. A quick search on datacenterknowledge.com reveals that there is indeed a demand for a white cabinet vs a traditional black cabinet. 
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Active vs Passive Cooling Solutions

Hammond Manufacturing 12/15/2010

Active vs Passive Cooling SolutionsAt Data Center Dynamics in Toronto we came to realize that there is still some confusion when it comes to passive versus active air flow. I hope this will help demystify the confusion.

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Environmental Material Ratings

Hammond Manufacturing 11/26/2010

Environmental Material RatingsLast month, we discussed our different material types used when manufacturing our data center infrastructure products. This month, we are expanding on Materials 101 by discussing the various levels of protection provided by different material types.

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Materials 101

Hammond Manufacturing 10/29/2010
Materials 101At Hammond Manufacturing, we use several different materials when manufacturing our products. Our most popular material used for manufacturing racks and cabinets is mild steel.
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