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Using ProDrive Software on PCs Only Equipped with USB Ports and No Serial Ports

Hitachi 1/1/2008

Using ProDrive SoftwareMany newer PCs and laptop computers do not have any DB9-type RS232 serial ports. They are only equipped with USB ports.

The "CONVERTER CABLE" for ProDrive software, however, requires a serial DB9 connection on the computer end.

There is a fairly simple and inexpensive solution to this problem. USB-to-Serial adapters or converters are commercially available from most PC retail stores or on line. They usually will include a short pigtail or adapter module, with a USB connector on one end, and a DB9 connector on the other. There is usually also a CD containing driver software that must be installed for the adapter to work properly.

As an example, doing a search on for “USB to Serial Adapter” resulted in three pages of results.

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