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Absolute Shaft Copying: Linear measuring system for 100% slip-free measurement

Kubler 12/1/2017

Absolute Shaft CopyingThe sensors manufacturer Kubler has been supplying for many years encoders to the major players of the elevators industry. The concept "everything from one source" led Kubler to develop a new linear measuring system for absolute shaft copying.

New standards apply since September 1st, 2017 for all passenger and cargo elevators. The standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 have entered into force. Focus is set on increased safety for elevator users, installers, inspection personnel and service technicians. Therefore, the demands placed on the elevators industry have increased. Kubler's linear measuring system is mounted directly on the elevator car. This ensures permanent absolute position measurement, which is required, among others, for the accurate approach at the desired floor.

Thanks to the absolute position feedback, no referencing trip is required after a power outage, as absolute position values are available at any time with a 1 mm resolution over the whole travel height of up to 392 meters. Measuring errors due to vibrations and dynamic rope effects can occur during continuous elevator operation. Thanks to the direct mounting of Kubler's measuring system, this problem belongs to the past.

A 100 % slip-free measurement is guaranteed. The sensor housing out of aluminum and the stainless steel tape ensure reliable operation. The shaft copying system is based on a particularly wear-free contactless measuring principle that guarantees long service life and fulfills the measurement quality required by the target application.
It is the most compact measuring systemfor absolute shaft copying (135 × 45 × 33 mm). The system can be used without any problem in tightest installation spaces for retrofits and modernizations, e.g. in existing buildings / elevator shafts or for new installations.

The very simple installation of this measuring system is an absolutely unique selling feature. The mounting set consists of two fastening angles, the rolled-up stainless steel tape and a spring element required for pretensioning the tape in the shaft pit. There are no specific points to consider when mounting the system, as the stainless steel tape forgives scratches or kinks made during installation.

The measuring system is offered in three possible combinations with the relevant interfaces (SSI, CAN, CANopen, RS485 and CANopen Lift) used by the elevator industry: LEB, Basis variant, LES, Safe variant, LES, Safe variant + evaluation unit + UCM module. The Safe variant of the measuring system is SIL3 certified and TÜV approved, and it covers a wide range of elevator and safety functions: inspection run up & down, direct drivein, stop point shift, unintended car movement (UCM), and many others.