Future-Proof Solutions: Motor feedback systems and single-cable solution

Kubler 3/1/2018

Future-Proof SolutionsMore compact, more efficient, more powerful, these are the demands posed on the drive manufacturers. This entails a new challenge also for the sensors. A new motor feedback encoder product family based on a platform helps designers to save costs. It scores with a reduction of the number of motor variants, the standardization of the mechanical attachment and innovative solutions in the mechanical area. 

Kubler developed these new motor feedback systems in close cooperative partnership with well-known servomotor and converter manufacturers. They are based on a platform that offers a wide range of possibilities and advantages for servomotors. The particular feature of the new Sendix S36 Motor-Line encoders is their compact size of only 36.5 mm for a maximum resolution of 2048 SinCos per revolution or 24 bits fully digital. The great advantage is that one single size allows covering several performance ranges, which until now required at least two different encoder sizes. The mechanical connection between motor and encoder is independent of the required performance range. The Sendix S36 combines all this in one compact size and therefore allows a substantial reduction of the number of motor variants. This leads to the standardization of the mechanical connection. 

Interface wonder

A tapered or a blind hollow shaft and various torque stops are available for standardization. This ensures maximum flexibility for the drive manufacturer when selecting the mechanical attachment, providing him the optimal encoder for servomotors. The choice is also broader in terms of functional safety. According to his choice for a tapered or for a blind hollow shaft, the drive manufacturer can select freely the preferred mechanical attachment for his safety concept. The platform offers a wide range of electrical interfaces. The following interfaces will be available: RS485 + sin/cos, BiSS, BiSS Safety, BiSS Line (single-cable solution), SCS open Link (single-cable solution). Thanks to this wide choice, the electrical interface is no longer the limiting factor. Servomotors naturally also can operate in applications with strong shocks and vibrations, which are very demanding on the encoder. Experience has shown that also the connection technology is an area that has to be considered, as the plug connection on the encoder can become loose in case of high shock or vibration values. Kübler has taken up this challenge and developed an innovative connector concept that makes sure that encoder connector loosening belongs now to the past, even in tough and rough environments.

The single-cable solution saves costs

Cables and connectors are one of the main cost drivers in every automation architecture. The single-cable technology can contribute here greatly to save material costs, installation work and not least space, by achieving power supply and data transmission through one single cable. This is decisive above all for servomotors in the 40 millimeter size. The tight mounting space in servomotors requires compact sensors and optimized connection possibilities for the assembly. SCS open link allows transmitting energy and data through one single connection cable. The advantages are obvious: Simplification of the connection technology and less components. This saves space, costs and time. The single-cable solution is also predestined for smart motor solutions because of its fully digital and real-time capable protocol.