PositionServo Breaks PLC Glass Ceiling

Lenze 7/18/2018
PositionServo Breaks PLC Glass Ceiling

PositionServo Breaks PLC Glass Ceiling

Once thought to be only a job for PLCs, indexing is a full function of the Position Servo Drive because of its integrated PLC function. A glass manufacturer in Poland has integrated the Lenze Americas PositionServo drive into its glass coating machine. The machine is comprised of 20 identical sections and is part of a larger glass coating line. The glass coating process requires high voltage plasma cathodes to rotate together in strict synchronization. A precision application if ever there was one.

Product Benefits

• Integrated PLC
• Precise Positioning Capability
• CANopen Communications
• PositionServo & HMI Compatibility
• Intuitive Setup & Programming
• MotionView OnBoard Integrated Software
• Servo Automation at a Highly Competitive Price

Material Handling

Two PositionServo drives provide the indexer function that controls the coating machine. The glass manufacturer realized both a reduction in cost and complexity by removing the requirement of a dedicated PLC. In this application the PositionServo drive is the machine logic controller. An HMI is used to display the operating status of the system and allows manual override operation to set speeds. The HMI’s timer and counter function records cathode work time and provides messages to exchange cathodes.