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Permanent Magnet Brakes By Comparison

Magneta 1/15/2015

Permanent Magnet Brake ComparisonBecause of their high power density, a wearless and residual torque-free operation as well as short switching times permanent magnet brakes are mostly the preferred brakes in the fields of robotics and machine engineering. However, the conventional design of the permanent magnet brake is limited concerning, for example, voltage tolerance or operating temperature range. At an operating temperature below -5 °C for example, malfunctions can occur due to overcompensation - the brake doesn't release safely anymore. By using permanent magnet brakes in "High Torque"-technology there isn't fear for that.

The basis for this is a completely new structure of the magnetic circuit. This patent-registered structure brings about an optimised magnetic flux when the current flows and the brake is open. Even at temperatures up to -40 °C there are no malfunctions. For this reason, "High Torque"-brakes are the right choice for challenging applications, especially for outdoor-applications, for example wind turbines or safety applications.