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Other products available from Motortronics:

Marine Certified ProductsVMX "Congured" Soft Starter

-Combination starter with built-in circuit breaker
-NEMA 12 (IP54) enclosure
-"Smart Door" operator panel (programming, diagnostics, metering, pilot lights, push buttons, switches)
-Control power transformer
-Terminal strip for customer interface

Marine Certified ProductsMT Series Drive

-High Performance Drive
-0.5 - 800 HP
-English Display
-DC Braking
-Built in "Macro"

Marine Certified ProductsVCM Series

-Vector AC Drive
-0.5 - 75 HP
-Built-in Speed Pot
-PID Function
-150% Starting Torque

Marine Certified ProductsRX Motor Protection Relay

-Monitors Line Power, Thermal Overload, Current Imbalance, Over/Under Voltage
-Real-time Clock     

Marine Certified ProductsTE-RTD12 Relay

-Motor RTD Monitoring (12 Inputs)
-Differential Current Monitoring
-3 Programmable Relay Outputs
-3 Isolated Inputs
-1 Isolated Analog Output
-Real-time Clock