IO-Link Enables Communication Down to the Sensor Level

Omron 3/7/2019

IO-Link Enables Communication Down to the Sensor Level

IO-Link Enables Communication Down to the Sensor Level

Omron's first round of IO-Link products includes Photoelectric Sensors, Color Mark Sensors, Proximity Sensors and IO-Link Masters.

What’s New Here?

IO-Link, which is specified as international standard IEC 61131-9, is an open information technology (interface technology) between the Sensor/Actuator and the I/O Terminal.  It collects information from the sensor/actuator through the IO-Link Master via a fieldbus network into the host controller.  IO-Link enables communication within the whole system and reduces time required for commissioning and maintenance.

Fault detection for quick recovery
Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance
Component identification for reduced man hours

Communication Technology that Conveys Information at the Sensor Level

Open international standard
Communicates ON/OFF signals and sensor information
Uses 3-wire unshielded cable
Capable of intermixing IO-Link sensors and standard sensors
Masters and sensors can be chosen to match the application
Communicates cable disconnections, sensor status and fault conditions

Available IO-Link Components

IO-Link Master Unit – GX-ILM08C
IO-Link Master Unit – NX-ILM400
Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor – E3S-DCP21-IL
Photoelectric Sensor – E3Z-[]-IL
Proximity Sensor – E2E-[]-IL 
Spatter-resistant Proximity Sensor – E2EQ-[]-IL

Target Markets and Applications

Food and beverage packaging
Consumer goods packaging
Pharmaceuticals packaging
Health and beauty packaging