Stay Flexible Even When The Heat Is On

Omron 3/7/2019

Stay Flexible Even When The Heat Is On

Stay flexible even when the heat is on

The E32-_51R series of heat-resistant fiber sensors can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C providing a bending radius of just 2 mm. This makes them ideal for applications with limited space and hot environments.

Acid, alcaline, alcohol... absolutely

The E32-_11F series has a PTFE cover that provides the highest level of resistance to chemicals and detergents. A new production technique providing increased flexibility ensures best value for money.

Features and benefits

• Heat resistance up to 100 °C and bending radius of 2 mm
• Completing the range of heat and chemical resistant fibers up to 400 °C and sizes down to 2 mm dia.

Threaded Models

• Standard configuration. These Fiber Units are mounted into a hole drilled in a bracket and secured with nuts. 
• The Right-angle Model prevents snagging on the cable because the cable runs along the mounting surface.

Cylindrical Models

• Inserted where space is limited. (Secured using a set screw.) 
• Ultramate space-saving by micro-fiber head. (1 dia. × 10 mm)