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Analog Input Repeaters and Supplies

TURCK 6/11/2018
TURCK Analog Input Repeaters and Supplies

The Analog Input Repeaters/Supplies Interfaces in this section are designed to work with the vast majority of analog input field devices.  Field devices can range from a simple 2-wire 4-20 mA transmitter to a 3-wire HART smart device requiring the interface to provide operating power and a bi-directional path for the digital HART information along with the 4-20 mA control signal.  The analog input units will also accept a source signal from a separately powered field device, or other source generated by an "IS" device in a hazardous area.  The unit can also be used to receive a source "IS" signal from a 0/4-20 mA
driver with "IS" outputs in another non-hazardous area.  The "IS" driver/"IS" receiver combination render the cable connections intrinsically safe thus allowing the driver/reciever cable to be used with other "IS" signals in multi-core cables or in an "IS" cable tray.

The analog input units versatility allows easy selection for most transmitter applications, thus reducing stock and inventory further simplifying the selection process.  The control system can also be configured to provide alarm functions for certain states indicating the short or open-circuit conditions for the units. Ease of installation is inherent when applying these devices.

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TURCK Analog Input Repeaters and Supplies

Extension Examples:

IM33-12Ex-Hi/24 VDC
Interface Module
Analog Input Repeaters/Supplies
Single Channel Input
Two Non-Hazardous Area Current Outputs
Intrinsically Safe Associated Apparatus
HART Compatible
24 VDC Supply Voltage