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Cables and Cordsets for Extreme Applications

TURCK 7/20/2018

Cables and Cordsets for Extreme Applications

TURCK extremelife connectors are approved by DNV and ABS for use in marine shipboard environments. TURCK also has an entire line of junction boxes for wiring consolidation. From off-the-shelf junctions for 4-20 mA transmitters, to custom boxes for any application, TURCK reduces costs by making wiring faster, easier and more reliable.

• ABS Approved
• Certified petr IEEE-45
• UL listed for Marine Applications to STD UL 1309
• Meets IEC 332-3 Category A Flame Test
• CSA listed to C22.2 No. 245
• Jacket Material Provides Impact Protection to -50°C (-58°F)
• Available in Multiple Configurations

Process Wiring Products

TURCK extremelife cables are heavy duty for extreme temperature environments and provide excellent resistance to extreme cold temperatures and oilfield drilling muds. TURCK offers multiple single and twisted pair conductor options. extremelife cables are available in two jacket types, extremelife-25 and extremelife-55.

The following characteristics are specific to each cable.
Characteristics extremelife-25 extremelife-55
Cable Gage Range 16 to 22
UL Rating UL1309
CSA Rating CSA 22.2 No. 245
ABS Approval No. 03-HS400763-PDA
IEEE Approvals IEEE 45-1998 and IEEE 1580-2001  
Flexible Stranding Yes
Standard Insulation T75 and T90 UL and CSA, T75 IEEE
XLPE Insulation 110X for increased electrical properties required fornetwork applications
Flame Retardancy IEEE 1202/FT4 and IEC332-3 Category A  
Cold Bend Pass Temperature -40°C (-40°F) -55°C (-67°F)
Cold Impact Pass Temperature Good -50°C (-58°F)
Cut Through and Abrasion Resistance Good Excellent
Moisture and Oil Resistance Excellent
Installation Handling Good
Oilfield Drilling Mud Resistance Excellent
Braided Armor Available with or without
Sunlight Resistance Yes
TURCK extremelife cables have been extensively tested in various drilling muds/fluids. Samples of five different drilling fluids were used to evaluate how extremelife cables handle harsh environments. Cable samples were placed in the muds and put in a test oven at +65.6°C (+150°F). Shrink/swell and tensile strength/elongation were monitored throughout a 28 day aging test.

The extremelife cables, with their exclusive jacket materials, were compared with the industry standard neoprene cables. All tested cables passed the tensile strength and elongation tests. The extremelife cables proved to be much more stable in size through the tests when compared to the neoprene jacketed cables.

Drilling Mud Types Used:

• Water based
• Synthetic based (two types)
• Diesel based
• Mineral oil based

extremelife Cables:

• Standard cables are stocked for quick delivery, and custom designs ship within 6 to 10 weeks.
• Multiple designs and custom configurations can be built using 16 to 22 AWG wires.
• Bronze armor styles combined with stable tinned-copper armor.
• Cost effective cables, since extremelife can be made with 22 AWG conductors and tinned-copper armor.
• Assorted conductor sizes and insulation materials allow usage in network applications.