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Diagnostic Power Conditioner

TURCK 7/23/2018
TURCK Diagnostic Power Conditioner

The DPC-System (Diagnostic Power Conditioner System) is a power supply system for the installation of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segments. It provides comprehensive diagnostic functions for the monitoring of FOUNDATION fieldbus segments and supports asset management for the entire system.

Diagnostic Power Conditioner System

A DPC system consists of one or more module racks (DPC-49-MB-RC) each with up to eight power supply modules (DPC-49-IPS) and one diagnostic module (DPC-49-ADU). Up to four H1 segments for each module rack can be operated and monitored redundantly. The diagnostic data from the H1 segments are transmitted via the HSE interface module (DPC-49-HSEFD/24VDC) to the higher level asset management system.

The diagnostic module (DPC-49-ADU) is used as a communication and diagnostic interface between the H1 segments and the power supply module. The diagnostics module monitors the electrical parameters and the communication parameters of the H1 segments. Operation without diagnostic module is possible. In this configuration, simple diagnostics are provided locally.

The diagnostic information is collected in the device and transmitted via the HSE interface module to the higher fieldbus level (e.g. to the host) as diagnostic and alarm data. The diagnostic module can be plugged in and unplugged during operation (hot swappable).

Diagnostic Power Conditioner System

Fieldbus - The Dynamic Asset

Information concerning the components of the control system and field devices are typically stored and monitored by that system. Information on assets that make up the communication infrastructure (physical layer components) have been simply stored in an asset management system. With the DPC system, the physical layer components are continuously monitored providing virtually instantaneous information regarding the quality and the status of the communication link.

This aspect of the system is the key to achieving the main objective of asset management to minimize maintenance and lower system operating costs.

TURCK has drastically improved on existing physical layer components for use in FOUNDATION fieldbus applications. The introduction of this system allows the continuous monitoring of every physical layer component, thus treating the entire physical layer as an asset and providing the means for it to be managed as such.

Diagnostic Power Conditioner System

The DPC System detects errors that may develop over an extended period of time or through typical failure modes. These changes can occur due to many factors, such as environmental changes, deterioration of components over time, and any other factors that may affect the physical components of a fieldbus segment. Some of these factors may appear as changes in jitter, hum, noise levels etc. Alarm strategies may be employed that will warn of typical asset errors, potential errors or failures. Preventive measures can be implemented well in advance of a potential system failure.
Most common failures can be completely avoided when a preventive maintenance schedule is implemented. The DPC system also supports the set-up of fieldbus assets by using expedient localization of error sources, as well as documentation indicating a "good condition" of the segment structure.

The DPC system provides an option for redundant segment supplies. The system, fully loaded, can accomodate up to 16 fully redundant FOUNDATION fieldbus segments each with an output of 800 mA and 30 VDC. Diagnostic date is available via a DTM, standard FOUNDATION fieldbus function block libraries or an embedded web server in the HSE field device.