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Ethernet to AS-interface Gateways

TURCK 7/24/2018

AS-I systems can be easily connected to a higher-level network, such as EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP, through a gateway master. The gateway acts as a master to the AS-I system(s) and a slave to the Ethernet system, mapping all of the AS-I data for Ethernet in a single block.

Ethernet to AS-interface Gateways


Ethernet stations must have an IP address for communication. The address for AS-i/Ethernet gateways may be set via the on-unit display and push buttons. Please consult the manual for a particular gateway for instruction on the procedure.


AS-i/Ethernet gateways contain LEDs for diagnosing I/O and communication problems for Ethernet and AS-I. For a detailed description of the LED states, see the Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i/Ethernet Gateway User Manual available for download from Bihl-Wiedemann website.


Most AS-i/Ethernet gateways draw power from the AS-I power supply. The option to use a separate, non-AS-I power supply is also available. Consult the gateway documentation to ensure the gateway being selected meets the requirements of your system.