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Machine Mounted AS-interface Repeater

TURCK 7/30/2018

The REP-ASI BW1273 is an IP65 repeater for machine mounted AS-I extensions. Network segments attached by a repeater are considered separate physical networks (trunk and drop lengths for each segment are determined as if the other segments are not present), but one logical network (addresses cannot be duplicated; the scanner and configuration tools work as a single network).

The repeater does not consume an address and is invisible to all the other devices on the network. The REP-ASI BW1273 supports a network extension of one full segment (an additional 100 m of AS-I cable). Repeaters can also be used to isolate power supplies on networks with multiple supplies, allowing greater than 8 A on the entire AS-I system (no individual segment may carry more than 8 A).

Up to two repeaters are allowed between any slave and the master. Placing the master in the middle of the system allows a maximum linear system of 500 m.

The REP-ASI BW1273 physical wiring connections are made via standard AS-I base modules with two isolated ports (ASI-BM BW1181 for flat cable or ASI-BM BW1183 for round cable with screw terminal connections).

A = Power supplies
B = Master
C = Repeaters

Machine Mounted AS-interface Repeater