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Mobile Equipment Solutions

TURCK 7/30/2018

Turck is a global leader in automation technology. More than 4,000 employees in 28 countries strive to deliver the best sensor, connectivity, and fieldbus technology products on the market. To do this more efficiently, Turck production facilities are strategically located across the globe, including sites in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and China. This also helps Turck adapt to specific market conditions and bring product to the market faster.

Turck strives to provide our customers with not only the best products on the market, but also the best service and support. Our highly trained engineering staff is available to walk you through your system requirements and help find solutions to difficult application problems. Unlike other companies, when you call Turck, you will always be able to speak directly with an engineer in a matter of minutes! Combine this with a network of over 2,000 experts across the United States, and you literally have the finest assembly of industrial automation professionals at your doorstep.


Turck has a long-standing industry reputation as a premier manufacturer of solutions for mobile equipment applications, because we understand - just like you do - that when the going gets tough you need hard working and reliable automation solutions to rely on. Turck offers a full suite of rugged, innovative solutions to get your mobile application up and running, and to help keep it that way.
We have a strong record of success with solutions designed for mobile applications including:

• Forestry Vehicles
• Municipal Vehicles
• Fire Trucks
• Snowplows
• Tugboats
• Yachts
• Construction Equipment
• Oil Field Vehicles
• Agriculture Equipment
• Defense
• Life Safety
• Rail Service
• Transportation


Mobile equipment applications require solutions far more rugged and robust than a typical automation application.

Trust your demanding applications with a company that has met and exceeded the most extreme application challenges for years. We have solutions designed and built specifically for the challenges mobile applications face-because when the going gets tough, Turck works.


Turck is a worldwide automation solution provider and offers customers an unmatched breadth of industrial connectors, cables and connectivity solutions. From rugged and overmolded Mil-Spec connectors to our Extremelife-60 cable offering which combines an unparalleled amount of approvals for extreme temperatures as cold as-60 °C, Turck has connectivity solutions for even the most difficult applications.


Turck has a rich history as one of the most prominent sensor manufacturers in the world, and it does not come undeserved. Our sensors provide customers with rugged, accurate, and reliable sensing solutions so you can minimize downtime and focus on getting your job done. Why trust your application to a second-rate sensor when you can have a ruggedized sensor that sets the industry standard?

Fieldbus Technology

Turck’s fieldbus technology products are used to link devices such as sensors and actuators to an automated controller. We offer rugged engineered I/O solutions that can be placed on-machine or in-panel to match the needs of your most aggressive application.

Turck Engineered Packaged Solutions (TEPS)

Turck provides customers with a complete packed solution by integrating our products with other manufacturer's products. TEPS is fully certified panel shop, allowing our team to design and incorporate Turck interface modules, barriers, and Turck distributed I/O into an engineered enclosure for your application's needs. Turck has the ability to build packaged solutions to meet UL508A, UL698A, and UL1203 certifications.

Custom OEM Solutions

When you have a need that cannot be met by standard products, Turck can support you with a team of experts who work with customers everyday to create custom product solutions that are designed to meet every specific requirement of your demanding application.


Shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures are just the beginning of what your applications face on a daily basis. Turck rises to the challenge, offering solutions that thrive when put to the test in the most extreme environments. From rugged, reliable sensors you can depend on to connectivity solutions developed specifically for extreme temperatures, Turck works harder than anyone to keep you moving.

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

BL Compact

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• On-machine flexible block I/O
• Available with 1 to 8 or 16 I/O connections, M8 or M12
• Rated up to IP69K and can operate in a wide temperature range
• Allows direct mounting onto machine without separate enclosure

Rotary Position Sensors

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• Contactless, shaft and hollow shaft designs
• Output options include analog, CANopen, J1939, and incremental.
• Single turn and multiturn absolute in a variety of housing types
• Housing options include diecast or stainless steel with sealing up to IP69K


Rail applications are tightly run units that require reliable and rugged automation solutions. Turck answers the demanding needs of rail freight, transit and service applications with solutions that can withstand shock and vibration, provide environmental protection, and allow for reliable network and I/O communication.

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

Field Logic Controllers

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• PLC control at the field level
• Flexible programming via HTML5
• Allows Turck's multiprotocol block I/O to act as simple I/O devices
• Can perform arithmetic functions, use timers, counters, and toggle bits

J1939 Deutsch Connectors

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• Overmolded to increase longevity while reducing installation time
• Extremelife jacketing
• IP67 rated
• Solutions available for J1939-11 (shielded) and J1939-15 (unshielded) applications


As if the typical mobile equipment application isn’t difficult enough, marine applications involve many of the same requirements, but must be done with constant exposure to moisture and, in many cases, corrosive saltwater. Turck has solutions developed specifically to take on your toughest marine applications, including ruggedized sensing and distributed I/O, shipboard cable, and products that comply with NEMA standards.

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

Overmolded Valve Plugs

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• Eliminates need for additional sealing gasket
• Translucent molding material with embedded LED's
• Meets NEMA 1, 3, 4, and 6P
• IP67 Rated and conforms to EN 17 5301-803 standards

Inductive Position Sensors

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• Load dump protection standard
• Extended temperature ranges (-40 to +85 °C standard)
• High noise immunity to DIN standards
• Meets IP67, IP68, and IP69K
• Highly shock resistant to 100 g


At Turck, we understand that not every mobile equipment application is the same. That is why we dedicate ourselves to finding the optimal engineered solution for every application, not just the standard ones.

Developing solutions are part of what makes Turck fast, flexible and easy to do business with.

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

Whether you need a single product or a full suite of innovative automation solutions, our experience allows us to tap into an extensive array of engineering knowledge and solve mobile equipment problems that others cannot. Turck’s vertically integrated design process provides a one stop shop for optimized solutions, from product development and cable engineering to tool design and fabrication. That’s the Turck Advantage!

Overmolded Deutsch Connectors

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• HDP series available in shell sizes 18 and 24
• DT Series 2-12 pole, male and female
• TPE standard jackets
• Nickel plated or Gold plated contact available

Turck Engineered Packaged Systems

TURCK Mobile Equipment Solutions

• Can be created with all Turck products or with a combination of Turck and other manufacturers
• UL508A, UL698A, UL1203 certifications
• Wide variety of enclosure options as well as custom fabrications