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Process Automation Solutions

TURCK 7/30/2018

TURCK is a global leader in industrial automation technology.  Over 2,500 employees in 25 countries strive to deliver the best sensor, connectivity, network and interface products on the market.  To do this more efficiently, TURCK production facilities are strategically located across the globe, including sites in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and China. This also helps TURCK adapt to specific market conditions, as well as bringing product to the market faster.

TURCK strives to provide our customers with not only the best products on the market, but also the best service and support.  Our highly trained engineering staff is available to walk you through  your system requirements and help find solutions to difficult application problems. Unlike other companies, when you call TURCK, you will always be able to speak directly with an engineer in a matter of minutes!  Combine this with a network of 2,000 experts across the United States, and you literally have the finest assembly of industrial automation professionals at your doorstep.


Process Automation Solutions

TURCK’s extensive product portfolio may be applied in a variety of process industries, such as oil, gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. From sensors and fieldbus connectivity to distributed I/O and intrinsically safe barriers, TURCK has the products you need for classified locations – and more. Our engineers will work directly with you to find the right solution for your application. Some of the process markets that TURCK serves, include:

• Oil and Gas
• Pulp and Paper
• Power
• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Food & Beverage
• Pharmaceutical
• System Integration
• Mining
• Water Treatment
• Metals
• Biofuels


The array of applications where TURCK products are used is as extensive as the markets where they are applied.

Process Automation Solutions

FOUNDATION fieldbus power conditioner: Component and field device data has historically been stored and monitored by a control system, while physical layer component data that makes up the communication infrastructure is stored in an asset management system. Now, TURCK’s diagnostic power conditioner (DPC) can be used to continuously monitor physical layer components and provide instantaneous information regarding the status of the communication link.

BL20 distributed I/O: TURCK’s Class  I, Division 2, expandable distributed I/O system for in-panel installations with the potential for up to 74 I/O cards per node. Additional features include I/O card options from 1 to 32 channels, cards that can be removed under power and extended diagnostics. BL20 is available for Ethernet, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen.

Fieldbus connectivity: A complete line of industrial grade plug-and-play cordsets and receptacles that are sunlight (UV) resistant, IP67 rated and RoHS compliant. These products are FM and CSA approved, as well as HART compatible and are ITC-ER rated for use in place of conduit in many applications. Equipped with an anti-vibration coupling nut, these connectors withstand heavy impact and vibration, and are available in both 7/8-16UN minifast and M12 eurofast.

Intrinsic safety, excom : A high density I/O system that provides a large number of points in a very small footprint. The 9 or 18 slot racks utilize a PROFIBUS gateway that eliminates point-to-point wiring to the DCS and increases available panel space and decreases wiring time.

POINT TO POINT!          

TURCK has a broad line of valve sensors that incorporate compact housings and simple mounting.

Process Automation Solutions

• Compliant with ATEX, FM, CSA and SIL
• Protection against environmental influences; chemical resistant
• Direct mounting on the rotary actuator
• Maintenance-free

Interface technology products from TURCK are used for isolating, converting, processing and conditioning analog signals.

TURCK process wiring connectivity solutions are unmatched in product breadth and quality.

POINT TO BUS!                

IS Distributed I/O with Industry-Leading Footprint

Process Automation Solutions

• Universal power supply for worldwide application
• Simple connection and exchange via removable terminal blocks
• Parameterization, configuration and display of diagnostics via FDT/DTM
• Supports both power and bus redundancy

TURCK distributed I/O stations adhere to several protocols to address different requirements in the field.

• Hardware and communication redundancy
• PROFIBUS -DP, PROFINET,  Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, AS-interface and DeviceNet
• Hot-swappable modules
• Parameterization, configuration and display of diagnostics via DTM
• Online engineering using I/Oassistant

BUS TO BUS!                     

Fieldbus technology has become standard  in new process plants.  TURCK offers a complete fieldbus solution from field devices to control systems including advance diagnostics.

Process Automation Solutions

• FOUNDATION fieldbus diagnostic
• 4, 6, 8 & 12-port junction box
• IP20 and IP67 rated housing with cage-clamp terminals, screw terminals, or M12 and 7/8" quick disconnects
• 4-port multibarrier with complete galvanic isolation
• Diagnostic display via DTM or DD


Process Automation Solutions

To administer and analyze a large amount  of data, more and more plants use Asset Management Systems. Solutions like this minimize the maintenance effort, provide information about the asset condition at any time and lower operating costs.

As a physical layer manufacturer, TURCK recognized the challenge of Asset Management and developed a product portfolio to provide solutions for interface technology, intrinsically safe distributed I/O and fieldbus technology.

TURCK products follow industry standards  when transferring diagnostic information to the Asset Management System. Thus the user has a truly open architecture that works with any system.