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Process Wiring Solutions

TURCK 7/30/2018
TURCK Process Wiring Solutions

This catalog contains products from TURCK's Extensive Line of Industrial Wiring Products that are optimized for process applications. The receptacles, drop cords, junction boxes, home-run cables and accessories described within, comprise a process wiring system designed for the demanding conditions of process applications.

• Quick-disconnect design eliminates mis-wiring and speeds installation.
• Instrument receptacles, drop cords, junction boxes and home-run cordsets reduce multiple cable runs.
• Shielded-twisted pair construction serves analog and HART applications.
• Cables with premium PVC insulation provide superior chemical resistance and flexibility.
• Choice of stainless steel or nickel-plated brass hardware.
• Rated and approved for installation in process applications.
• Many products are FM approved for installations in hazardous locations.

TURCK Process Wiring Solutions