Shielded Cordsets

TURCK 8/2/2018

Whenever wire is used to transmit electrical data, it is possible for the wire to absorb external noise, possibly changing the characteristics of the electrical signal, or to give off noise that could cause changes in other electrical components that are near. Shielding is the act of placing conductive material between the potential noise emitters and receivers.

Electrical noise is usually classified as electro-magnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI).

TURCK offers a number of shielding options:

Shielded Cordsets

For a shield to be effective, it must be tied to a ground at some point. It is usually preferred to not tie the shield to ground at more than one point to avoid ground loops. A shield not tied to a ground will reflect some noise and is better than no shield at all, but will be much more effective if tied to a ground.

High frequency noise, RFI, is handled well with a foil shield. The wavelength of RFI is usually small and can pass through the 'holes' in a braided shield. EMI is usually larger wavelengths and needs a braided shield to increase the mass of shielding material to be effective. Aluminum armored cables provide the ultimate in noise immunity as they are basically flexible conduit.

Select the shielded cordset that best meets your needs. If it is easier to tie the shield to ground inside the panel, the foil/drain with the drain not connected inside the cordset is a good choice. If you can connect the drain via a pin inside the device being connected, the foil/drain with the drain connected to a pin is a good choice. Any environments with EMI noise from things like large motors or welding equipment will benefit from a braided shield tied to the coupling nut.

TURCK shielded cordsets with the shield tied to the coupling nut offer complete shielding for the entire length of the cordset. A metal sleeve inside the molded body connects the braid/foil shield of the cable to the metal coupling nut with no loss of shielding potential.

TURCK armored cordsets are the ultimate in shielded connectors. A TURCK patented process allows the interlocked aluminum armor to be connected directly to the coupling nut offering the same protection as running conductors inside metal conduit.