Solenoid Driver and Discrete Output Isolators

TURCK 8/2/2018
Process Automation

Solenoid Driver and Discrete Output Isolators

These loop powered "IS" interface devices provide power for "IS" solenoids in a hazardous area to be actuated from a controller in the non-hazardous area.

The IM72 solenoid drivers are uniquely designed devices that allow them to drive the vast majority of "IS" solenoids available in today's marketplace with a single type of interface device. Gone are the days when a wide variety of isolators were needed to drive specific solenoids with specific requirements. A single device will now allow you to use a single model for most applications, eliminating the need to do complicated and tedious calculations.

The design of these 1 and 2 channel devices make it extremely simple to choose the appropriate interface. Either choose a 1 channel or 2 channel interface, that's all there is to it. Stock can be significantly reduced, and installation and maintenance made easier. With a single unit for most applications, the IM72 makes choosing the appropriate interface as easy as it gets.

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Solenoid Driver and Discrete Output Isolators

Extension Examples:

Interface Module
Solenoid Driver/Discrete Output Isolators
Two Input Channels
Two Non-Hazardous Area Current Outputs
Intrinsically Safe Associated Apparatus
Looped Power