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Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

TURCK 8/2/2018

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

For over a decade, Turck has been your trusted partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers around the globe benefit from industry-specific automation solutions in the areas of sensors, fieldbus, connection and I/O technology as well as RFID solutions – from pharmaceutical companies, architectural and engineering firms, and super skid suppliers, to system integrators and electrical contractors.

Whether it is new greenfield construction, expansions, or modernization of existing production facilities, the Turck pharmaceutical team will be happy to assist you with providing application specific solutions for your projects in many fields: fermenter control, mixing & batching, water and clean steam production and distribution, filtration, chromotology, the handling of solvents, etc.

Our support ranges from worldwide project management to application-specific, on-site advice. From planning to commissioning, we will guide you in all phases of the project.

Identification of Portable Tanks

• The RFID system BL ident ensures increased plant efficiency and traceability of the production processes through the reliable detection of mobile containers
• Application-optimized data carriers, for direct mounting on stainless steel and for use in pharmaceutical production

Easy Connection of Field Devices

• Efficient and fail-safe connection of field devices thanks to the process wiring connection technology realized with our quick disconnect connectors
• Comprehensive portfolio with connectors, cables and splitter boxes reduces cabling
• Flexible and highly chemical- resistant PVC cables
• Shielded twisted pair cables for analog and HART signals
• Preinstalled connectors in process instrumentation allow for faster start up and commissioning

Planning and Construction of Super Skids

• Comprehensive know-how of fieldbus technology for pharmaceutical applications, with solutions for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS-PA, Ethernet, DeviceNet and AS-i
• Comprehensive portfolio of fieldbus solutions for systems and control cabinets
• Application and customer-optimized device selection for super skid suppliers

Remote Signal I/O

• The modular I/O systems Excom and BL20 support application-optimized signal processing
• Use in the non-Ex and Ex areas in zones 1 and 2, as well as 21 and 22
• High system availability through redundant communication and power supply
• Support of all standard fieldbus protocols

Transfer Panels/Hose Connections

Monitoring of Quarter Turn Actuators

• The inductive DSU35 dual sensors capture the valve position of quarter turn actuators
• Easy assembly and adjustment
• Detergent-resistant plastic housing
• Analog output option
• Various electrical output signals: Intrinsically safe, AC/DC 2-wire, DC 3-wire, NAMUR, AS-i, DeviceNet
• SIL 2
• Besides RFID, Turck offers two major solutions for transfer panels and hose connections, with magnet as target and with metal target

• The magnet-inductive BIM M12 is a very robust solution
- The magnet ensures a safe and error-free detection
- ATEX approval for zones 1 G and D

• The inductive Uprox+ WD sensors with terminal chamber are easily commissioned and maintained
- Tightly sealed housings that are resistant to chemicals
- Same increased switching distance on all metals
- ATEX approval for zones 2 and 22

Customer-Specific System Solutions

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

• Planning, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of customized system solutions - from products, production and programming of cabinets up to commissioning