Uprox3 Automotive Sensors

TURCK 8/3/2018
New Uprox3 Series

Turck announces the uprox3 series of sensors, which offers the longest sensing ranges of all Factor 1 sensors on the market. The increased performance is due to the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies.

The Uprox3 series has a patented coil design that is inherently immune to magnetic fields and is suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors, such as welding for the automotive and metal forming markets. The new Uprox3 series is available with robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12, M18 and M30 designs and includes options for weldguard, which resists high heat and weld slag buildup.

Uprox3 sensors are the third generation of Turck’s Uprox Factor 1 sensors. Although the existing Uprox+ sensors offered long sensing ranges for all metals, these distances are increased by as much as 50 percent in the new sensors. It was previously unattainable to sense 3 mm in the M8 design, 6 mm in M12, 10 mm in M18, and 20 mm in M30. Turck has been able to achieve these longer sensing ranges without any compromises in performance because of our research and development programs. The Uprox3 sensors still offer outstanding application reliability for demanding sensing tasks, but also allow for the possibility of completely new installations.

Longest sensing ranges, completely flush mountable, and Factor 1

Uprox3 Automotive Sensors

M8 housing style
3 mm sensing range
3 x standard range
50% over uprox+

Uprox3 Automotive Sensors

M12 housing style
6 mm sensing range
3 x standard range
50% over uprox+

Uprox3 Automotive Sensors

M18 housing style
10 mm sensing range
2 x standard range
25% over uprox+

Product Specifications

• Factor 1 - senses all metals at the same range
• 10 - 30 VDC operating voltage
• PNP and NPN versions available
• 150 mA (8 mm) or 200 mA (12 and 18 mm) output current
• Short circuit protected
• -25° to +70°C operating temperature
• PTFE coated barrels resists adhesion by weld slag
• Optional weldguard protects the front sensing face against molten splatter in resistance welding applications

Selling Strengths

• No correction factor for non-ferrous metals
• Sensing ranges to all metals increased by as much as 50 percent
• Longest Factor 1 sensing ranges on the market
• Can be flush or non-flush mounted without impacting sensing range
• Inherently weld field immune
• Fast sensing response time
• Third generation of proven and trusted Uprox series

Target Markets

• Automotive
• Factory automation
• Metal forming
• Any application with multiple metals present