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Weidmuller Stripping Tools

Weidmuller 3/23/2018
Weidmuller Stripping ToolsAfter a conductor has been cut it is then prepared for the next step or for crimping. For this purpose, a specific length of the conductor insulation has to be removed, while preventing damage to the conductor. The length of the conductor insulation to be removed depends on the terminal clamping point or the crimp to be processed.

Professional stripping tools guarantee perfect results due to precise adjustment of the tool to the corresponding insulation and the conductor cross-section. Precision tools by Weidmüller guarantee that the user will always obtain consistent, reliable stripping results.

• “Stripping” means the cutting and removal of the insulation. The following must be ensured in performing this task.

• The stripping dimension must be observed and neither the conductor nor the remaining insulation must be damaged.

• To avoid mistakes, use a stripping tool matched to the insulation and cross-section of the conductor.

• Do not use work knives or penknives because the stripping quality when using such tools depends entirely on the manual dexterity of the user. The quality is not consistent, even when the user is highly skilled.

• Preference should be given to hand-operated tools that adjust automatically to the corresponding cross-section of the conductor. They do not damage to the conductor during stripping and avoid faults.

Stripax stripping tools guarantee a consistent stripping result which complies with DIN regulations. The tools are rated for standard dimension PVC insulation. Any PVC insulation thicknesses deviating from normal can be set manually. The conductor stopper and integrated wire cutter allow highly versatile use of the tools.

Special insulation types such as Teflon, Silicone and Kapton require special stripping tools. These tools strip the conductor with punch blades.

Weidmuller Stripping Tools