ABB presents Ekip UP: digital unit to upgrade existing low-voltage systems

ABB Low Voltage 4/26/2017

ABB Presents Ekip UPABB, the pioneering technology leader, is launching Ekip UP at the 2017 Hannover Messe. The innovative plug-and-play digital unit turns old low-voltage plants into digital microgrids, enabling data-driven gains in productivity and energy costs, as part of the ABB Ability portfolio of connected and software enabled solutions. 

Giampiero Frisio, managing director of ABB’s Protection and Connection business, said: “ABB Ability™ is making the digitization of power more accessible and user-friendly by developing a range of smart devices that turn systems data into productivity gains. Ekip UP is an industry-first innovation that lets customers keep their existing power hardware – digitizing it with a simple software-driven plug-in upgrade.” 

Ekip UP is plugged into the switchgear to gain the benefits of digitalization from an existing electrical system by connecting it to the cloud-based energy management platform, ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System. Ekip UP’s control capabilities help the plant evolve into a comprehensive microgrid.

Power distribution is moving away from traditional top-down energy flows, transitioning to distributed multi-source grid architectures with more onsite generation and renewables. Industrial plants and commercial sites are also using data from connected devices to have a clearer picture of their energy consumption and asset allocation. 

ABB’s Ekip UP is a simple, cost-effective way to monitor power consumption and optimize operations, maximizing uptime for core processes. The multi-functional device enables the installed base to leverage the latest digital innovations, with minimum impact on switchgear and maximum uptime. 

Ekip UP monitors resources, ensuring protection is in place and provides fast fault diagnosis. Ekip UP also provides continuous control and management of resources. To meet market demands and individual customer requirements, Ekip UP is available in five different versions: 

-Ekip UP Monitor measures current, voltage, power and power quality values as well as logging and analyzing faults. Advanced communication capabilities make it ready for integration with supervision systems and enable the switchgear to connect with the cloud-based energy management platform, ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System. 
-Ekip UP Protect adds all the necessary protection functions for power feeders, while Protect+ also provides generator protection, as well as adaptive and directional protection for power distribution grids. Embedded I/O contacts make interfacing with other switching devices simple. Both versions can be upgraded with ABB’s ‘all-in-one’ microgrid software, with easy-to-use functions such as automatic transfer switching and load shedding that improve service continuity and energy efficiency. 
-Ekip UP Control adds a cost-saving power management algorithm to the monitoring functions. By implementing intelligent rules to manage the plant’s power consumption, customers can minimize higher energy tariff charges and apply for access to demand response programs. 
-Ekip UP Control+ is the the most powerful, offering the full range of functions and working as a comprehensive microgrid controller.

Ekip UP is suitable for low-voltage applications ranging from 40kW to 4MW. The multifunctional device can be door- or DIN rail-mounted. The user-friendly Ekip Connect commissioning tool makes configuring the device simple – even advanced features require only basic programming skills. The intuitive color touchscreen interface, which supports 10 languages, lets the customer browse settings, check alerts and set parameters quickly and easily.

Frisio adds: “In any plant with different loads and generators that need to be connected and coordinated, a smarter, more flexible power system is the key to achieving higher productivity, uptime and energy savings. ABB’s multifunctional device is the simplest way for smaller facilities to cut through the technical complexity and unlock their power grid’s capability. Ekip UP enables current facilities to evolve their operations with very little impact on their existing power hardware.”

ABB is focused on the development of new power solutions for industrial users. The company’s smart devices and software solutions are playing a key role in the introduction of new grid architectures and microgrids, providing easy-to-use complete solutions for plant protection, power control and energy management.