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Laser Distance Sensor with Intuitive Two-Line Display for Measurement, Positioning, Sorting & Quality Control Applications

Banner Engineering 4/17/2018
LE550 Laser SensorsA new laser measurement sensor featuring an intuitive two-line user interface display has been introduced by Banner Engineering. The LE550 sensor offers a combination of range, repeatability, accuracy and ease of use not previously available at this price point.
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Sensing Liquids in Challenging Bottling Applications

Banner Engineering 4/17/2018
Sensing Liquids in Bottling ApplicationsThe bottling industry has found detecting liquid presence and verifying levels challenging, particularly in two specific applications: detecting clear water in clear bottles and detecting liquid in frosted, colored or decorated bottles. In the past, these applications have been inconvenient and expensive to solve.
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How to Choose an Industrial Safety Controller

Banner Engineering 4/5/2018

Choose an Industrial Safety ControllerA safety controller is the backbone of any safety system, so it is an important element to get right.  Read the article to learn how to choose a safety controller that makes machine safety simpler and that has the flexibility to accomodate changing requirements.

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Sensor Selection: Laser Sensor Specifications Explained

Banner Engineering 3/29/2018

Sensor SelectionManufacturers use many terms to describe sensor performance: accuracy, resolution, repeatability or reproducibility, linearity, etc. Not all manufacturers use the same specifications, which can make it challenging to compare different models of sensors.

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How Remote Monitoring Improves Machine Maintenance

Banner Engineering 3/12/2018

Banner-Engineering-How-Remote-Monitoring-Improves-Machine-Maintenance.jpgIIoT is transforming the way manufacturers identify problems on the plant floor as the latest wireless solutions address integration challenges. Read the article to learn more about how wireless technologies are making machine maintenance easier and more effective.

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What Is Excess Gain And How To Use It To Choose A Sensor

Banner Engineering 1/24/2018

What Is Excess Gain?Understanding what excess gain is - and how much your application requires - is an important part of choosing the right sensor technology. This article explains what excess gain is, how it is measured, and general guidelines for how much excess gain is needed for sensing applications in various industrial environments.

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Top Industry Trends: Our 5 Most Popular Articles of 2017

Banner Engineering 1/10/2018

Top Industry TrendsFrom the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to IO-Link communication, many trends in industrial automation have gained traction in the past few years and have become more than just industry buzzwords. Keep reading to catch up on some of the most popular topics of the year.

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Banner Engineering Multicolor LED Strip Lights Combine Illumination and Indication in One Light Fixture

Banner Engineering 1/9/2018
Banner WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip LightsBanner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS that perform both illumination and indication functions for machines and workstations.
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Smart Sensors: How to Use IO-Link for Remote Monitoring and OEE

Banner Engineering 11/15/2017

Smart SensorsThis article describes a key technology - IO-Link communication - that provides users with remote monitoring capabilities on the field device level. This article also explains how the remote data made accessible by this technology can help increase machine uptime, productivity, and throughput - all of which have an impact on a business' bottom line.

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Plastic or Glass Fiber Optics? How to Choose

Banner Engineering 11/8/2017

Choosing Fiber OpticsFiber optics are used to transmit light energy over long distances. Optical fibers are thin, transparent strands of optical quality glass or plastic that can be as thin as a strand of hair. This article explains the differences between glass and plastic fiber optics and how to choose the right fiber optic technology for your application.

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Fiber Optic Sensing Technology: What It Is and How It Works

Banner Engineering 11/1/2017

Fiber Optic Sensing TechnologyThis article explains what fiber optics are and how they work for photoelectric sensing in industrial applications. Keep reading to learn important terminology and the basics of fiber optic systems and assemblies.

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Banner Engineering 5MP VE Series Smart Camera Detects Fine Levels of Detail on Large Targets

Banner Engineering 10/25/2017
Banner 5MP VE Series Smart CameraBanner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of a 5MP VE Series Smart Camera for detection of fine details on large or complex targets.
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When to Use Fiber Optics for Photoelectric Sensing

Banner Engineering 10/25/2017

Fiber Optics for Photoelectric SensingIn some sensing situations, space is too restricted or the environment is too hostile for most sensors. Fiber optics, transparent strands of glass or plastic, are used to conduct light energy into and out of such areas.  This article describes advantages, considerations, and common applications for fiber optic sensors.

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How to Choose Lighting for Harsh Industrial Environments

Banner Engineering 10/6/2017

Lighting for Harsh Industrial EnvironmentsThis article explains common challenges for lighting in industrial environments, the standards that industrial users should keep in mind, and considerations for extreme environmental conditions to help you choose the right lighting for your facility.

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LED Lighting for Manufacturing: Save Costs While Improving Productivity

Banner Engineering 9/20/2017

LED Lighting for ManufacturingSaving money is an important consideration for most industrial users. Even if lighting does not account for a large share of the operating budget, every bit of savings can help the bottom line.

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Lux/Lumens Calculator: How Much Light Do You Need?

Banner Engineering 8/30/2017

Lux/Lumens CalculatorProviding the right amount of light for a task can have a significant impact on efficiency, productivity, and safety. The amount of light needed to properly illuminate a task or process can vary by application.

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When to Use Radar Sensors for Vehicle Detection

Banner Engineering 8/7/2017

Radar Sensors for Vehicle Detection In our series on vehicle detection, we've been looking at various vehicle detection technologies, their advantages, and important things to take into consideration when implementing a solution. The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

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Banner Engineering Low-Profile Strip Lights Illuminate Machines, Work Spaces, and Mobile Equipment

Banner Engineering 8/4/2017
Banner Engineering WLS15 LED Strip LightBanner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for process and industrial automation, today announced the release of the WLS15, a professional grade LED strip light that makes it easy and very cost-effective to illuminate machines, work spaces, and mobile equipment for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.
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Banner Engineering Introduces Versatile LED Indicator Light with Seven Colors in Each Device

Banner Engineering 8/1/2017
Banner Engineering Versatile LED Indicator LightBanner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for process and industrial automation, today announced release of K30L2 and K50L2 seven-color indicator lights for use in any application requiring high-visibility status indication.
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3 Advantages of Wireless Magnetometers for Vehicle Detection

Banner Engineering 7/17/2017

Wireless Magnetometers for Vehicle DetectionThe ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

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3 Solutions for Semiconductor Wafer Presence Detection

Banner Engineering 7/7/2017

Semiconductor Wafer Presence DetectionSemiconductor wafers can be transparent or reflective, both of which can be challenging for sensors to detect. Because of this, it is important to use a technology that can detect both types of wafers reliably. Sensor mounting can also be a challenge when detecting wafers in a vacuum chamber.

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How to Use an Infrared Photoelectric Sensor for Water-Based Liquid Detection

Banner Engineering 5/31/2017

Water-Based Liquid DetectionOne of the most difficult photoelectric applications involves sensing the presence or absence of clear fluids in clear bottles. Online weighing systems, low-contrast sensors and ultrasonic sensors are some methods used to detect water fill level but these methods are expensive, or not always very reliable.

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Registration Mark Detection: Why Use a Color Mark Sensor with RGB Technology

Banner Engineering 5/12/2017

Registration Mark DetectionRegistration marks identify packaging material and are used for position control and to coordinate the separation and cutting of webs of packaging material.

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9 Common Machine Safety Devices

Banner Engineering 4/26/2017

Machine Safety DevicesMechanical hazards on machinery typically occur at points of operation, points of power transmission, and other points of machine movement. Safeguarding devices are designed to limit the risk to personnel for accident or injury at these points.

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Luminescence Sensors: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Banner Engineering 4/10/2017

Luminescence Sensors FAQLuminescence sensors use UV light, invisible to the human eye, to cause the target material to glow in the visible spectrum. Luminescence sensors are much more sensitive than a regular photoelectric and are especially useful in difficult applications.

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Banner Engineering Safety Controllers Add New Features and the PROFINET Industrial Protocol

Banner Engineering 4/4/2017
Banner Safety ControllersBanner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for process and industrial automation, today announces the addition of PROFINET communication to their popular SC26-2 and XS26-2 safety controllers. 
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How to Use Photoelectric Sensors for Tablet Counting

Banner Engineering 3/26/2017

Photoelectric Sensors for Tablet CountingTablet counting and sensing technologies are used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications including bottle filling in pharmaceutical packaging, count verification in clinical trials, and even automated prescription fulfillment machines in retail pharmacies and hospitals.

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Machine Safety: What Is A Risk Assessment And Why Is It Important?

Banner Engineering 3/12/2017

Machine Safety Risk AssessmentsA risk assessment is used in machine safety to identify, document, eliminate or reduce hazards in a particular machine or process. While it is always best to refer to the standards when planning a risk assessment, here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions.

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FSMA Compliance: 4 Reasons to Choose a Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution for Food Safety

Banner Engineering 3/5/2017

FSMA Compliance In Food SafetyThe Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has significantly impacted food manufacturers with new regulations meant to ensure a safe food chain.  As these changes have taken effect, manufacturers are reevaluating their sensor solutions.

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3 Common Food Safety Hazards and How to Choose Sensor Solutions

Banner Engineering 3/5/2017

Common Food Safety HazardsProduct recall is costly not only in terms of lost revenue, wasted materials, and production time but also in terms of brand reputation and brand loyalty. The sooner food safety issues can be addressed and mitigated, the lower the risk of a large-scale recall.

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IO-Link - What it Is and 5 Key Advantages

Banner Engineering 2/27/2017

Advantages of IO-LinkIO-Link has received increasing attention of late, but there are many misconceptions about what it is and its impact on industrial applications. This article explains what IO-Link is (and is not) and the advantages IO-Link offers to a wide variety of applications.

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4 Ways Lighting Solutions Support Lean Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Banner Engineering 2/20/2017

Lighting Solutions For Lean ManufacturingLean manufacturing seeks to reduce wasted time and resources throughout the factory. This article describes several ways in which the right kind of industrial lighting can help increase efficiency and reduce material waste while ensuring product quality and compliance with FDA regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Smart Factory is Here: Top IIoT Capabilities for the Modern Manufacturer

Banner Engineering 1/30/2017

IIoT Capabilities In ManufacturingIIoT is perhaps the biggest buzzword in factory automation today, and IIoT technologies already impact the way factories operate. Therefore, it is essential to understand the terms being used, recognize how IIoT technologies are already being implemented in smart factories, and prepare your business for the future.

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Ultrasonic Sensors 101: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Banner Engineering 1/15/2017

Ultrasonic Sensors FAQUltrasonic sensors use electrical energy and a ceramic transducer to emit and receive mechanical energy in the form of sound waves. Sound waves are essentially pressure waves that travel through solids, liquids and gases and can be used in industrial applications to measure distance or detect the presence or absence of targets.

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IP and NEMA Ratings: How To Interpret the Ratings and Choose the Right Sensor

Banner Engineering 1/1/2017
IP and NEMA RatingsSensors frequently need to be installed in hostile environments that can seriously shorten the life of any electronic component. Banner builds sensors to withstand a variety of industrial environments, and our engineers test and rate all of our sensors using two main enclosure rating systems: IP and NEMA.
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How to Choose the Best Type of Sensor for Clear Object Detection

Banner Engineering 12/18/2016

Sensors for Clear Object DetectionClear objects can be challenging to detect because they allow light to pass through them. Some sensing technologies may work better in certain conditions or may be more effective with certain materials.

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Benefits of Polarized Coaxial Optics for Detecting Clear Objects

Banner Engineering 12/4/2016

Benefits of Polarized Coaxial OpticsPhotoelectric sensors used to detect clear, translucent, and transparent objects must be sensitive to slight variations in light, which can make them susceptible to false detection from errant and reflected light. Sensors utilizing a polarizing filter and coaxial optical design restrict the amount of light that enters a sensor's receiver.

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Banner Engineering Expands Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Offering With Compact, Flush Mount Model

Banner Engineering 10/4/2016
Banner Q4X Laser Distance SensorBanner Engineering has added flush mount housings to its rugged, industry-leading series of Q4X laser distance measurement sensors. The new flush mount configuration offers a more compact housing to expand applications and increase mounting flexibility in constrained spaces.
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NEW Banner Engineering K50U Ultrasonic Sensor Features Plug-and-Play Compatibility for Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

Banner Engineering 9/15/2016
Banner K50U Ultrasonic SensorBanner Engineering has introduced their Sure Cross U-GAGE K50U Ultrasonic Sensor for use in wireless tank monitoring applications. Optimized for use with Banner’s Q45U Wireless Node, the pair provide a cost effective, plug-and-play solution to monitor levels in mobile or remotely located tanks and totes.
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Banner Engineering L-GAGE LTF Laser Measurement Sensor Provides Superior Durability and Precision Measurement

Banner 7/12/2016
Banner L-Gage LTF Laser Measurement SensorBanner Engineering has expanded its family of L-GAGE laser sensors with the new LTF Series. Featuring time-of-flight technology, the laser measurement sensor ensures accurate distance measurements out to 12 meters.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available with Dual Outputs and IO-Link

Banner Engineering 3/29/2016
Banner Q4X Laser Distance SensorBanner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with dual discrete outputs and IO-Link configuration. Dual discrete outputs enable the Q4X to solve challenging high/low monitoring fill level or dancer arms applications, while IO-Link allows for remote configuration, sensor backup and easier preventative maintenance.
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Banner Engineering Next-Generation Touch Buttons Feature Smart Electric Field Sensing for Superior Immunity to False Triggering

Banner Engineering 3/5/2016
Banner Touch ButtonsBanner Engineering introduces its next-generation touch buttons for its industry-recognized K30, K50 and K70 multicolor indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Employing smart electric field sensing, the next-generation touch buttons provide superior immunity to false triggering caused by the buildup of detergents, oils and other foreign materials, as well as exposure to direct water spray.
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Banner Engineering DF-G3 Fiber Amplifier Now Available With Analog Output to Satisfy Diverse Sensing Applications

Banner Engineering 2/16/2016
Banner DF-G3 Fiber AmplifierBanner Engineering announces its long-range DF-G3 fiber amplifier is now available with analog output. With world-class long range sensing capability, the DF-G3 can sense more than 3 meters (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1 meter (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers.
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Banner Engineering Sure Cross® Wireless Controller Provides Superior Communication for Industrial Internet of Things Applications

Banner Engineering 2/2/2016
Sure Cross DXM100 Industrial Wireless ControllerBanner Engineering introduces the Sure Cross DXM100 industrial wireless controller, designed to facilitate communications for Ethernet connectivity or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Available with an internal Sure Cross DX80 Wireless Gateway or a MultiHop Data Radio, this powerful Modbus communications device reliably connects local wireless networks with the Internet and/or host systems. 
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Banner Engineering Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensors Feature Robust Stainless Steel Housing for Harsh Industrial Environments

Banner Engineering 1/19/2016
Photoelectric SensorBanner Engineering introduces its new M18-4 self-contained photoelectric sensors. Featuring robust IP69K-rated 316 stainless steel housing, the heavy-duty 18 mm metal barrel sensor is ideal for harsh industrial environments where abrasive chemicals and ingress fluid are present.
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Banner Engineering DF-G3 Discrete Fiber Amplifier Features World-Class Long Range Sensing Capability

Banner Engineering 12/8/2015
DF-G3 discrete long-range fiber amplifierBanner Engineering introduces its DF-G3 discrete long-range fiber amplifier with dual digital displays for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies. Featuring increased sensing power, the DF-G3 can sense more than 3 meters (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1 meter (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers.
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Banner Engineering R-GAGE Radar Dual-Zone Sensor Provides Superior Detection of Moving and Stationary Targets

Banner Engineering 11/24/2015
R-Gage Radar Dual-zone sensorBanner Engineering introduces a new Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar sensor for reliable detection of moving or stationary objects. Featuring a very narrow 11 by 13 degree beam pattern, the R-GAGE Q240 sensor is ideal for monitoring a specific area without detecting adjacent objects. With two independent adjustable sensing zones, the sensor provides far and near proximity warning signs with the capability to detect objects over 40 meters away.
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Banner Engineering Rugged LED Strip Lights Solves Tough Lighting Applications in Harsh Environments

Banner Engineering 10/27/2015
WLS27 Light StripBanner Engineering introduces the WLS27 LED strip light. Featuring a durable aluminum internal structure and shatterproof, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell, WLS27 LED strip lights are ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications and resist exposure to high-pressure, high-temperature water, solvents, cutting oils and a broad range of chemicals.
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Banner Engineering Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensors Now Available in Fixed-Field Sensing Mode

Banner Engineering 10/13/2015
Photoelectric SensorBanner Engineering announces its next-generation S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series is now available in fixed-field background suppression mode configurations.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available in Models Exclusively for Clear Object Detection

Banner Engineering 9/29/2015
Q4X Laser Distance SensorBanner Engineering’s industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available in models exclusively designed for clear object detection. Featuring a default clear object detection mode setting, the Q4X clear object model eliminates two-point, dynamic, foreground and background suppression mode.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available with Higher Resolution Models

Banner Engineering 9/15/2015
Q4X Laser Distance SensorBanner Engineering announces its Q4X laser distance sensor is now available in new 100-mm models optimized for higher performance over a shorter measuring range. The Q4X high-resolution models offer twice the measurement precision and a 25 percent smaller laser spot than the longer range 300-mm Q4X models, making them ideal for detecting small features.
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Banner Engineering Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor with Background Suppression Now Available in More Sensing Ranges

Banner Engineering 9/1/2015
Q3X Laser Contrast SensorBanner Engineering has expanded the maximum sensing range available for the Q3X laser contrast sensor with fixed background suppression. The Q3X now features four standard sensing ranges: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm with fixed background suppression technology, and a 300 mm model which uses standard intensity detection.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Measurement Sensor Now Available in Analog Models

Banner Engineering 8/18/2015
Q4X Laser Measurement SensorBanner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with analog output. Featuring 4-20mA and 0-10 V output options, the Q4X analog models expand the variety of applications Banner’s Q4X laser distance sensor can solve, including fill level indication, part positioning, roll diameter, loop control and thickness/height verification.
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Banner Engineering Introduces Heavy-Duty Vantage Line Fiber Optics

Banner Engineering 8/4/2015
Vantage Line Fiber OpticsBanner Engineering introduces new heavy-duty Vantage Line fiber optics to complement its industry-recognized fiber amplifier product family. Featuring a flexible 304 stainless steel tube, the polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber is protected from crushing or abrasion in harsh industrial environments.
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Banner Engineering TL70 Wireless Tower Light Provides Reliable Remote Monitoring and Visual Status Indication

Banner Engineering 7/21/2015
TL70 Wireless Tower LightBanner Engineering introduces the TL70 wireless tower light. Combining the company’s industry-recognized tower light family with its field-proven Sure Cross® wireless technology, the TL70 wireless tower light provides superior monitoring and visual status indication for remote applications, general and machine status, mobile call for parts, mobile work stations, threshold sensing and other applications where wired solutions are not cost-effective, practical or possible.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor with New Dual Mode Solves Clear Object Detection and Error-Proofing Applications

Banner Engineering 7/7/2015
Q4X Laser Distance SensorBanner Engineering has improved its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor with a new dual teach mode. Featuring new firmware, the Q4X dual teach mode sensor combines window thresholds on both target distance and target reflected intensity, allowing the Q4X to reliably solve difficult applications with ease.
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Banner Engineering Motion Detectors Provide Automated Light Switching

Banner Engineering 6/23/2015
Motion DetectorsBanner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch for automated lighting. Banner’s motion detector switches provide an efficient solution to automatically turn on or off the light in applications where a physical switch cannot be used or the placement of the switch is not useful.
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Banner Engineering Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor Provides Superior Machine Monitoring

Banner Engineering 6/9/2015
Wireless Vibration and Temperature SensorBanner Engineering introduces its wireless vibration and temperature sensor. Designed to effectively monitor machines for increases in vibration and temperature, the sensor measures RMS velocity in inches per second or millimeters per second, and temperature.
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Banner Engineering Safety Limit Switches Provide Superior Interlocking and Position Monitoring for Industrial Applications

Banner Engineering 5/26/2015
Safety Limit SwitchesBanner Engineering introduces its SI Series Safety Limit Switches, designed to effectively monitor the position of a wide variety of guards, gates, covers and other moveable machine fixtures and tooling. The SI Series is available in three models— SI-LM40. 
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Banner Engineering Introduces Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor with Fixed Background Suppression

Banner Engineering 5/12/2015
Q3X Laser Contrast SensorBanner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q3X laser contrast sensor is now available with fixed background suppression. Featuring contrast detection, plus fixed background suppression, the Q3X LD50 reliably detects targets within the desired sensing range while ignoring objects in the background.
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Banner Engineering WLB92 Industrial LED Light Bar Provides Bright, Even Light for Increased Productivity

Banner 4/28/2015
WLB92 Industrial LED Light BarBanner Engineering introduces the WLB92 industrial LED light bar. Featuring bright, high-quality and uniform light, the WLB92 is designed to increase worker productivity and ergonomics.
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Banner Engineering L-GAGE Dual Discrete Laser Sensors Provide Superior Performance for Challenging Applications

Banner Engineering 3/31/2015
L-Gage Dual Discrete SensorBanner Engineering has expanded its L-GAGE LE family of laser sensors with the LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete laser sensors. Designed with the same robust housing, intuitive interface and linear array technology as Banner’s analog models, the dual discrete laser sensors provide outstanding performance for challenging detection applications.
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Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Series Improves Lighting Installation and Programming Capabilities

Banner Engineering 3/17/2015
K50 Modbus Series IndicatorBanner Engineering introduces its new K50 Modbus Series, comprised of multicolor indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Designed with the industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol, the K50 Modbus Series enables flexible communication and simplified setup of a single device or multi-point applications.
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Banner Engineering Introduces Simple, Rugged Safety Light Screen with Enhanced Performance Features

Banner Engineering 3/10/2015
EZ-SCREEN Light ScreenBanner Engineering introduces the EZ-SCREEN Light Screen (LS). This rugged, easy-to-use safety light screen is optimal for machine safeguarding and built to withstand challenging conditions found in manufacturing and packaging environments. With a lean, simple design and enhanced performance features, Banner’s EZ-SCREEN LS provides a cost-efficient light screen safety solution.
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Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty Q3X Laser Contrast Sensor Solves Challenging Part-Detection Applications

Banner Engineering 2/10/2015
Q3X Laser Contrast SensorBanner Engineering introduces the Q3X laser contrast sensor. With the ability to detect up to 2,000 events per second, the Q3X provides high-speed, reliable detection of parts, tools, pallets or registration marks with small contrast differences. The Q3X has a small laser spot and is an excellent sensor for reliable part presence, tool-in-place or broken tool detection in stamping and machining centers.
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Banner Engineering Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Provides Superior Performance for Challenging Applications

Banner Engineering 1/20/2015
4 Q4X LasersBanner Engineering announces the Q4X laser distance sensor. Featuring superior, versatile sensing performance, the Q4X reliably detects distance changes as small as 1 mm and covers a 25 to 300 mm range across multiple target colors, materials and surfaces. With the ability to detect presence/absence of a target or an object’s orientation, the Q4X solves a variety of sensing applications.
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Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K90 Series Provides Bright, Uniform Lighting for Long, Multi-Direction Applications

Banner Engineering 12/16/2014
K90 Series Indicator LightBanner Engineering introduces its EZ-LIGHT K90 Series multicolor indicator lights. Featuring a large, 90-mm indicator housing, the K90 Series delivers extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and at longer distances, while a highly visible illuminated dome ensures easy-to-see operator guidance.
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Banner Engineering Unveils LED Website, Designed to Guide Users in Selecting the Ideal Lighting Solution

Banner Engineering 11/18/2014
WLB32 Industrial Light BarBanner Engineering announces the launch of its new lighting microsite, Featuring Banner Engineering’s WLB32 Industrial LED light bar, the interactive microsite provides LED technology education, tips and tools for facility managers, sustainability managers, design engineers and OEMs in planning their lighting project.
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Banner Engineering TL70 Modular Tower Light Provides Enhanced Customization and In-the-Field Modification Capabilities

Banner Engineering 11/5/2014
TL70 Modular Tower LightBanner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT TL70 modular tower light. Offering superior flexibility, the TL70 can be customized as needed, and allows for easy position changes in the field. The big, bright 70-mm tower features advanced LED drive technology, providing highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication.
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Banner Engineering Expandable Safety Controller Design is Exceptionally Flexible and Intuitive

Banner Engineering 10/21/2014
Expandable Safety ControllerBanner Engineering announces the XS26-2 expandable safety controller. With the capability to add up to eight expansion I/O modules, the XS26-2 platform was designed to easily adapt to diverse automation requirements and address a wide range of safeguarding applications.
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Banner Engineering Dual Color LED Strip Lights Provide Durable and Flexible Performance for Industrial Lighting Applications

Banner Engineering 10/7/2014
Dual color LED Strip LightsBanner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2 Dual Color LED Strip Lights. Featuring the same durable, low-profile design and efficiency as Banner’s work light strip family, the WLS28-2 Dual Color has been enhanced to offer dual-color operation. 
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Banner Engineering LE250 Laser Sensor Delivers Highly Optimized Performance for Positioning and Measuring

Banner Engineering 9/23/2014
LE250 Laser SensorBanner Engineering has expanded its L-Gage LE family of laser sensors with the new LE250. Optimized for measurements ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm, the LE250 features superior measurement precision and a small laser spot size.
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Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel LED Lights Provide Superior Protection From Oil, Chemical and Water in Extremely Harsh Conditions

Banner Engineering 8/26/2014
Stainless Steel LED LightsBanner Engineering introduces a stainless steel version of its WLC60 heavy-duty LED lights. Designed for use in extremely harsh conditions, the WLC60SS protects against caustic solutions, acids and detergents often found in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and marine applications.
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Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Light Now Available in Self-Contained, Compact Size

Banner Engineering 8/5/2014
EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower LightBanner Engineering announces a new self-contained, compact version of its industry-recognized EZ-LIGHT TL50 tower light. Measuring at only half the height of the standard TL50 models, the TL50 compact tower lights are ideal for space-restricted applications requiring highly visible operator guidance or indication of equipment status.
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Banner Engineering Enhances iVu Vision Sensor Series for Advanced Communication and Inspection Capabilities

Banner Engineering 7/8/2014
iVu Plus Vision SensorsBanner Engineering announces the release of the iVu Plus TG Gen2 and iVu Plus BCR Gen2 vision sensor series. Designed from the company's industry-recognized iVu Integrated Vision Sensor family, the Gen2 series offers faster response times and multiple inspection resolution choices.
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DF-G2 Fiber Optic Amplifier Features World’s Fastest 10 Microsecond Response Rate

Banner Engineering 5/13/2014
DF-G2-Fiber-Optic AmplifierBanner Engineering enhances its fiber optic sensors product line with the DF-G2 fiber optic amplifier. Boasting the world’s fastest response rate, the DF-G2 can achieve a 10-microsecond response time with 5-microsecond repeatability.
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LE550 Laser Sensor Delivers Repeatability and High-Precision Performance for Challenging Measurement Applications

Banner Engineering 4/1/2014
LE550 Laser Sensor Banner Engineering introduces the new LE550-Laser-Measurement-Sensor/ LE550 laser sensor. Designed with linear array technology, the LE550 non-contact laser sensor provides high repeatability and accurate measurement for challenging targets ranging from shiny metal to black rubber.
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Banner Engineering High-Intensity Indicator Lights Provide Bright, Clear Status Indication

Banner Engineering 3/18/2014
Banner High Intensity LightBanner Engineering introduces its S18DLH and S22DLH indicators for general-purpose lighting applications. Designed with highly visible LEDs, these lights provide bright, clear indication in environments with high levels of ambient light, including direct sunlight.
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Hazardous Area Indicator Lights Provide Clear Status Indication for Global Applications

Banner Engineering 2/26/2014
Hazardous Area IndicatorBanner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT® K30L and K50L Hazardous Area Indicator Lights. Featuring extensive ATEX and CSA approvals, the indicator lights are safe to use in every classified zone or area in North America and Europe—their IECEx approval means quicker authorization for use in locations outside Europe and North America.
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Banner Engineering SC26-2 Safety Controller Provides Flexible Programming Capabilities

Banner Engineering 2/11/2014
SC26-2 Safety ControllerBanner Engineering introduces the SC26-2 Programmable Safety Controller for PLC-level capability and control without the programming complexity and steep learning curve of traditional PLCs. Designed to be more flexible and easier to use than other small footprint safety controllers, the SC26-2 uses safety function blocks, Boolean logic functions and a user-friendly programming environment for creating safety control logic.
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