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Classics Basic range includes new, M30 inductive sensor with extended operating distance and IO-Link

Contrinex 3/9/2018

Classics Basic RangeSwiss sensor specialist Contrinex announces an addition to its highly successful Classics family of M30 inductive proximity sensors, extending the maximum operating distance for its Classics Basic range to 25mm. The new sensors give systems integrators and automation engineers increased flexibility when design considerations warrant extended sensing distances, without compromising affordability.

Thanks to innovative ASIC technology, Contrinex Classics sensors feature industry-standard IO-Link connectivity as a no-cost option on all PNP versions, facilitating plant-wide control of all key processes in industry sectors that include automotive, textiles and packaging. Connection is via a hermetically sealed 3-wire PVC-sheathed cable or an integrated M12 connector, retaining the benefits of a uniform, system-wide interface.

OEMs and integrators in the elevator-and-escalator industry have also been quick to adopt these new M30 Classics sensors; in this highly competitive sector, the combination of extended operating distance, proven reliability and cost-effective pricing is unrivalled. Mounted in rugged M30 nickel-plated brass housings and featuring vacuum-encapsulated electronics, Contrinex Classics inductive sensors are ideal for almost any industrial position- or presence-sensing application.

Advantages at a glance:

-Extended-range Classics M30 inductive sensors are versatile and highly reliable
-25mm sensing distance gives increased flexibility without compromising affordability
-No-cost option of IO-Link connectivity facilitates plant-wide control
-Unrivalled price-performance capability for the elevator-and-escalator industry
-Robust metal bodies and vacuum-encapsulated electronics ensure mechanical resilience