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Contrast Sensor - Precise, Fast, Reliable

Contrinex 11/22/2013

Contrast SensorThe new contrast sensor emits a focused beam of light with a red, green or blue light emitter. Color selection takes place automatically during the teach-in procedure in order to achieve the best contrast resolution for highly reliable detection. By adjusting the tolerance level, detection and positioning tasks are easily performed, even when contrasts are minimal. 

Main advantages:

-Detection of very small print marks thanks to a narrow, collimated light spot
-Optimum contrast enhancement through automatic selection of emitter diodes in different colors
-Detection of the smallest differences in contrast due to high contrast resolution
-Tolerance selection
-Easy teach-in

Area of application: Packaging machines

For the precise recognition of print marks on packaging film, without sacrificing processing speed, a highly accurate, fast and reliable sensor is required. The new contrast sensor from Contrinex offers all this in a variety of configurations.

-Optimized detection of print marks
-Easy teach-in and installation
-Full remote control with IO-Link

Printing and labeling machines

In printing machines, precise position sensing is required, even with different print colors. The new Contrinex contrast sensor allows accurate detection thanks to tolerance adjustment. This ensures that the sensor only responds to print marks and ignores other colored objects.

-High precision detection
-Adjustable detection tolerance
-Short changeover times due to IO-Link