Fast response time, high resolution and easy to install: Light grids are remarkably versatile

Contrinex 11/21/2016

DGI Detection GridsIndustrial practice shows that safety applications are not the only areas where light grids can be effective. For example, they are ideal for monitoring or counting objects. Their fast response times are also an asset in final quality control, preventing this process from holding back production. Depending on the application, high resolutions, long sensing ranges and different detection heights may also be specified. Sensor specialist Contrinex has now combined all these features in the DGI series of switching infrared light grids, with a cross-section measuring just 40 mm x 20.5 mm. Resolutions of 0.9 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm and 25 mm allow reliable detection of even the smallest parts. For devices with a resolution of 0.9 mm or 2 mm, fine adjustment is possible via potentiometer. Response times are exceptionally fast at 0.8 ms to 4.8 ms. Devices are available with detection heights from 75 mm to 2010 mm and sensing ranges up to 8000 mm. In addition, these light grids offer a good price-performance ratio and are very easy to install. They are also suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, thanks to a robust aluminum housing and wide temperature range of -5 to +50° C (+23 to +122°F). Typical application areas are found in the production of small parts, film and foil production, packaging, pharmaceuticals and woodworking.

DGI detection grids at a glance:

-Resolution of 0.9 to 25 mm, capable of detecting even the smallest objects
-Fast response times from 0.8 to 4.8 ms
-Long sensing ranges up to 8000 mm
-Detection heights up to 2010 mm
-Plug-and-play installation