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All-metal weld immune inductive sensor

Contrinex 7/30/2013

Weld Immune Inductive SensorThe 700 series all-metal sensor from Contrinex’s Full Inox family is known for it robustness, reliability and durability. In combination with features like Factor 1 and weld immunity these all-metal sensors are the perfect solution for applications in automated welding cells.

-All-metal, weld-immune sensor
-Large sensing distances and Factor 1
-Extremely robust and reliable
-Easy to clean due to all-metal housing

In the automotive industry, welding cell downtime can be reduced by using these sensors. They are the most robust all-metal, weld-immune sensor on the market and have Factor 1 on both steel and aluminum. False switching due to metal shavings or welding slag is eliminated. These inductive sensors are weld immune up to 40mT and ‘Quicktube’ compatible.