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VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 now available up to 630 kW

Danfoss 9/18/2014

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103The power range of the VLT Refrigeration Drive has been extended. The drive is now also available in E-enclosures with power ranges up to 355-455 kW / 380-480V and 450-630 kW / 525-690V.

The VLT Refrigeration  Drive FC 103 is especially designed for the needs of refrigeration applications, but the frequency drive is also capable of running pump and fan applications.

Regardless of whether you want to operate compressors, pumps or fans, the VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 provides you the possibility to save energy and reduces wear and tear in your installation, extending the lifetime and preventing unwanted stops. 

The new E-frame enclosure of the VLT Refrigeration Drive is available in IP00, IP21 and IP54 versions. 

The new E-frame version of the VLT Refrigeration Drive includes all the benefits that are also offered by by the smaller versions of this frequency drive. The options from the smaller power sizes are also supported by the E-frames, like: 

  • MCA-101 Profibus 
  • MCA-107 AKD-LONworks 
  • MCA-120 Profibus 
  • MCB-101 General purpose I/O 
  • MCB-105 Relay Card 
  • MCB-109 Analog I/O 
  • 24Vdc backup