New S8: Clear Detection Revolution

Datalogic 4/18/2018

New S8Datalogic Automation is glad to announce S8 Shiny: a breakthrough patented technology for the seamless detection of clear transparent objects by means of a photoelectric sensor with background suppression. 

Glass or plastic clear objects such as bottles, vials, packaging films, etc. can be easily detected in diffuse mode even in presence of shiny and reflective backgrounds. 

This innovative technology offers many improvements with respect to previous systems based on polarized retro-reflex photoelectric or even ultrasonic sensors:

-No prismatic reflector: no need to have the clear object passing between sensor and reflector therefore reducing installation time and costs.

-Less mechanical constraints: the detection can be made from either the side or from the top with no need to screen or modify any metal parts of the machine.

-Highest depth of field: the clear object can move or float in any position between its background and the sensor without any need to adjust the detection threshold.