New Fiber Optic Sensor S70

Datalogic 9/26/2014

S70 Fiber Optic SensorDatalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets and world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, is pleased to announce the new fiber optic sensor S70 with advanced design and features.

This new fiber optic amplifier series provides high performance detection offering fast response times in high speed or low contrast applications. Two models are available with different selectable response speeds: 200 μs (High Speed), 500 μs (Standard), 2 ms (Long Range) and 5 ms (Extra Long Range) for S70-E1, 10 μs (Super High Speed), 15 μs (High Speed), 50 μs (Fast), 250 μs (Standard), 500 μs (Medium Range), and 1 ms (Long Range) for S70-E2.

The S70 has dual digital displays, showing both signal level and threshold simultaneously, and a bright output LED for easy programming and status monitoring during operation. The sensor is suitable for detections in reduced spaces thanks to its compact dimensions and it is easy to mount thanks to the DIN rail compatible format.

All S70 amplifiers work with any Datalogic 2.2 mm fiber optic cable, which will allow for several operating distances according to their design and application.

The S70 fiber optic sensor features a single discrete NPN or PNP output, and a model with IO-Link interface* is also available.

The S70 enhances the Datalogic fiber optic amplifiers series, ensuring reliable and stable performance as well as full control over all operating parameters through expert Teach and Set methods.


-Best in class response speeds to optimize for fast response or long distance applications
-Easy set-up and programming via dual digital displays (red/green), switches, push-button & remote input 
-DIN rail mount format
-Standard 2 m cable or M8 4-pole connection 
-PNP or NPN outputs
-IO-Link interface

The new products will be available for sale starting from October 2014 and from that time on purchase orders can be entered in SAP and processed according to the standard procedures.

*IO-Link is the first standardized IO technology for easy communication with sensors. This powerful point-to-point communication protocol is based on a standard sensor connection without any additional cabling requirements.  IO-Link ensures: 1) Simplified installation (replace parallel wiring or analog signals with IO-Link, standardized interfaces and connection); 2) Automated parameter setting; 3) Expanded diagnostics (remote diagnostics of sensor, cable break detection, device-specific diagnostics)