US50 - Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensors

Datalogic 4/18/2018

US50 Ultrasonic SensorsDatalogic Automation is pleased to announce the introduction of the new US50 Series of Ultrasonic Sensors with M50 Plastic Tubular Housing, and thus enlarging the existing measurement device portfolio.

All models are provided with a radial emitting head and offer the following versions:

-Digital bipolar PNP/NPN NO/NC configurable output
-Analogue 0-10V/4-20mA configurable output

Operating distance from 200mm to 8m makes US50 ideal solution for all industrial applications where the target must be detected or measured really far away from the sensor.
Sensor’s functions can be configured through DIP-Switches located in the rear part.

New DATALOGIC AUTOMATION US50 ultrasonic sensors can detect all objects independently from the material, transparency and/or colour.