200 Class Modular Stacklights

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018

Endless possibilities. Countless combinations. Easy ordering. Simple assembly... Tall order.
200 Class Modular Stacklights
200-Class signals from Edwards take the versatility of stacklights to a whole new level with modular convenience in five different sizes that deliver the stacklight you need in a matter of seconds - without the use of tools or special keys.

70mm and 48mm devices employ our exclusive, vibration-resistant Safe-Lock locking ring mechanism... insert, push and twist - it’s that simple. Assembly is also a snap with our smaller 36mm, 25mm and 18mm stacklights, thanks to their unique snap-in-place modules.

Each size of light and sounder module fits together in virtually endless combinations of lens color, light source, sound pattern and operating mode. This wide range of options allows you to configure precisely the right stacklight for each specific application.

But the benefits of 200 Class stacklights don’t end there. These innovative signals also excel when it comes to performance, safety, and reliability. Lenses are crafted of extra-thick, optical-grade, UV-stabilized, self- extinguishing polycarbonate, providing a high degree of durability and impact resistance, while ultra-bright LightPoint LED light engines ensure optimum visibility in even the most challenging environments. Brilliant.

Twist and Shout!

Safe-Lock locking ring system stands up to shakes, rattles, and rolls...

Safe-Lock modules connect with a push and twist that produces a satisfying ratchet sound and tactile feedback confirming when each module is correctly seated. This innovative locking ring design provides a tight seal that you can depend on - even when it’s subjected to constant vibration.

LightPoint LED light engine technology shines brighter, goes further...

Our exclusive multi-LightPoint light engine technology delivers the visibility you need, even in the most challenging environments. Ever looked at a car’s taillight in the bright, mid-day sun and wonder whether it was on or not? Well, the same thing can happen with inferior stacklights when viewed against bright backgrounds. Not so with 200 Class stacklights. With Edwards Signaling’s Multi-LightPoint technology, multiple rows of super bright Luxeon Rebel LEDs create intense points of light that stand out from the background, so when they’re on, you know it.

Easy Pickin’s

Safe and sound.

High output piezoelectric and magnetodynamic sounders offer up to 32 selectable tones.

The Twilight Zone.

A raised non-illuminated band between each lens makes it easier to distinguish colors in high ambient light conditions.

Bright ideas.

Mix and match light sources depending on conditions - choose super-bright incandescents, or eye-catching Xenon strobes, or long-lasting LEDs.


Every gasketed joint is firmly sealed, creating a tight barrier resistant to dust and liquids.

Color your world.

Lenses are available in six bright colors: red (danger), amber, yellow (warning), green (safe), as well as blue and white for user-defined applications.

Mode swings.

Add urgency to selected signals - light modules can be individually set to operate in steady or three configurable flashing modes.


The standard wiring base can be mounted as-is, or accepts 1/2-inch NPT modules for a range of options including wall mounting, wiring junctions, and extenders.