Functional overhaul for ANS puts you in the driver's seat

Edwards Signaling 7/27/2016

Functional overhaul for ANS puts you in the driver's seatMajor enhancements to Edwards popular ANS audio notification system makes it easier to use and more adaptable for all your installations. Thanks to a new simple-to-use configuration utility, the ANS can now be programmed in the field with custom audio messages. Option cards have also been updated to better meet field configuration requirements such as the added ability to program individual message activation through a switch or remote input. Meanwhile, new zone paging capability allows pinpoint message delivery, making the ANS an ideal audio solution for end users wishing to complement their fire systems or meet their occupancy requirements.

The updated UL Listed ANS systems and new UL Listed option cards are now available.  CSFM and FDNY approvals are pending. Please refer to the cross reference matrix provided below for new part numbers, special configuration, and ordering information notes.

The Edwards Signaling ANS25 and ANS100 audio notification systems have been updated and are now compliant with UL 464 520Hz Low Frequency Signal for sleeping areas when used with KIDDE speaker model series G4HF and GCHF. This complies with the latest edition of NFPA 72, which requires the use of 520Hz low frequency warning tones in sleeping areas.

A regulation pre-recorded 520Hz tone is included with every audio notification system. This tone may be selected through the SN2 dip-switch configuration. Please refer to the installation sheet for detailed configuration instructions.  Additionally, the compliant 520Hz tone file may be downloaded from our website should your ANS system not include it.

ANS2 systems continue to be simple and easy to configure, allowing them to be up and running in minutes. ANS systems have up to 20 minutes of recorded message capacity and can be field-programmed to record and edit tones or messages. They offer option cards that make them flexible and well-suited to many audio applications.