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Color-Neutral 70mm Stacklight Modules

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018

Overcome Interference From Ambient Light

Color-Neutral 70mm Stacklight ModulesEdwards Signaling is pleased to announce an ingenious new variation on its popular 200-Class stacklights that make them even more visible in high ambient light conditions. Now 200-Class 70mm modules are available with colorless outer lenses and colored LED lamps. This results in a color-neutral appearance when no lamps are illuminated, but a brilliant display of color when one or more modules are lit up.

Color-neutral modules address a problem that plagues all colored lenses: under bright lights - especially when light is shining from behind the device - it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between active light modules and those where ambient light is shining through the lens from the outside.

Now, thanks to color-neutral modules from Edwards, all the lights in the stack get their color from the LEDs within, so there's no mistaking an operating 200-Class stack... if color is visible, it's active.

Color-neutral modules are ideal wherever strong ambient light or movement in the field of view may interfere with the perception color or light intensity. This innovation is just one more way Edwards helps your signaling stand out from the crowd.


Edwards 200-Class stacklights represent an innovative family of audible and visible signals that take the versatility of stacklights to a whole new level with modular convenience in five different sizes that deliver the stacklight you need in a matter of seconds - without the use of tools.

70mm and 48mm devices employ the exclusive, vibration-resistant Safe-Lock locking ring mechanism... just insert, push and twist - it's that simple. Assembly is also a snap with the smaller 36mm, 25mm and 18mm stacklights, thanks to their unique snap-in-place modules.

These innovative signals also excel when it comes to performance, safety, and reliability. Lenses are crafted of extra-thick, optical- grade, UV-stabilized, self- extinguishing polycarbonate, providing a high degree of durability and impact resistance, while ultra-bright LightPoint LED light engines ensure optimum visibility in even the most challenging environments. ...Brilliant.