Evacuation Systems

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018

Signal Responsibly. From routine communication to plant-wide evacuation.

Evacuation Systems

Adaptatone Millennium System Master

For evacuation and plant-wide signaling, Millennium System Master is a fully supervised personnel notification control system. 65 tones, 4 voice messages, and microphone- and PBX paging, and RS485 addressability make Millennium the flexible choice.

OSHA Approved, UL 2017 & 864 Listed

Adaptatone Millennium Remote Speaker/Amp

With output up to 113 dB at 10 feet and connectivity to RS485 networks, Millennium can deliver the attention-getting message you need anywhere. Independent volume controls and direct connectivity to local power sources.

Class I, Div 2, Class II, Div 2, Class III, NEMA Type 3R, IP 44, UL 464 & 1604 Listed

Industrial Clocks

Accurate, rugged engineering keeps you on schedule. Time is money, and nobody helps you keep track of it like Edwards stand-alone or non-synchro- nized time systems. Check out our full line of AC or battery-operated clocks, with LED, LCD or analog displays. Choose one- or two-face, weatherproof, and the precise size and configuration for your application.

Edwards sends the signals that keep people and facilities informed, secure and running smoothly. Intercom, public address, and synchronized time - we've got all the systems you need.

Stand-alone or integrated, there's an Edwards choice to alert, warn and communicate precisely the way you need. Control systems, amplified speakers, text messaging, clocks, phones, beacons - you name it. And they are all designed, tested and real-world proven to the exacting standards of the signaling life-safety leader.

Be sure your communications and evacuation systems always get out the right message. Signal Responsibly with Edwards.

cUL and UL Listed, FCC Approved

Telephone Signals

Incoming call notifica- tion that rings (or sounds, or strobes) Normal phone ringing just can't cut through noise in industrial applications. So Edwards' complete line of telephone call bells, horns, strobes and relays gives your phone industrial communications power. Never miss a call again.

UL Listed, FCC Approved