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New beam smoke detector now available

Edwards Signaling 1/20/2017
New beam smoke detector now available

The new Kidde KC3000 is an end-to-end infrared optical beam smoke detector that comprises an infrared transmitter, receiver, and controller. The transmitter and receiver are installed near the ceiling of the protected area up to 393 feet (120 m) apart, while the controller is mounted at ground level where it remains accessible for maintenance and setup functions. Each controller will handle up to two transmitter/receiver pairs, each with separate fire and fault relays.

The Kidde KC3000 is typically used in situations where it is impractical, inappropriate or not cost-effective to use point-type detectors. It also enables coverage of a large protected area at minimal cost, and is ideally suited for situations that might include high ceilings, dusty and dirty environments, or environments that are prone to temperature extremes.

The Kidde KC3000 features integrated laser alignment, which simplifies installation, and configurable detector sensitivity and drift compensation, which reduces nuisance alarms. These features and capabilities make the Kidde KC3000 a practical and effective wide area detection solution.