Notification Appliances

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018

Genesis notification appliances are high-performance devices finely tuned to deliver maximum output in exchange for the lowest possible current draw. Covering the entire spectrum of life safety applications, these devices are durable, dependable, and virtually maintenance-free. And they support a wide range of mounting options that make them ideal for new construction and retrofit applications alike.

The E-FSA250 intelligent and E-FSC1004 conventional fire control panels come equipped with four notification appliance circuits that can be wired to provide four Class B NACs or two Class A NACs. The E-FSA64 comes with two Class B NACs. These may be configured for Class A operation with the optional SA-CLA Class A Module installed. The E-FSC502 comes with two Class B NACS that can be configured as one Class A NAC. The E-FSC302 has two Class B NACs.

Edwards NACs may be individually configured for continuous, temporal, synchronized, and coded output.

Edwards NACs are configurable to fully support the advanced signaling technology of Genesis notification appliances. These devices offer precision synchronization of strobes to UL 1971 standards. For Genesis devices, enabling this feature allows connected horns to be silenced while strobes on the same two-wire circuit continue to flash until the panel is reset.

Notification Appliances