Protecting Revolving Doors

Edwards Signaling 10/2/2018
Protecting Revolving Doors


Steel or aluminum revolving doors can be secured in several ways, depending upon their material and the availability of mounting space.


For doors accessible from the top: Lock door to check its position when secured. Mark top, side or floor where you will place the Sentrol switch.

Place Interlogix switch in top or canopy of the assembly. Offset it slightly as magnet will be positioned on side of door. Drill a 15/16" (2.38 cm) diameter hole. When mounting, use RTV mounting compound (Figure 1).

Place magnet on door as close to rubber gasket as possible (Figure 1). Observe Polarity. If mounting magnet on steel, use spacer or order a special magnet containing two magnets inside the housing. When using a surface mount magnet with the 1078W, position the left end of the magnet as you read the logo, centered off the end of the switch (Figure 3).

For doors NOT accessible from the top: Mount switch on side of door in wall (Figure 3).

Another mounting method is to bury the switch in the floor and mount the magnet to the bottom of the door (Figure 2).

Note: Some systems incorporate an electro-magnetic break-away device, usually located in the drum. Locate the magnetic contact far enough away to prevent adverse effects to magnet. Stainless steel armored cable is available if the switch will be exposed. Consult factory.


Switch - 1078W, Magnet - 1080T (Figures 1 & 2); or, Switch - 2227A, Magnet - 1920D (Figure 3), RTV 1905

Protecting Revolving Doors