Protecting Roof Hatches

Edwards Signaling 10/2/2018
Protecting Roof Hatches


Entry via a roof hatch can be thwarted by using Sentrol surface mount switches. The switch used will depend upon the mounting method required by the space available and the connection into the alarm circuit.


In hatch protection, it is important to mount both switch and magnet so they will not intrude into open hatch space where they can catch on clothing and restrict entry or egress.

Attach the selected Interlogix switch on the hatch frame opposite the hatch hinges. Do this while keeping in mind the position of the magnet, and recognizing the need to keep gap distance between switch and magnet within specified tolerance. When installed, switch and magnet must be parallel for best operation.

If roof hatch and/or frame is steel, gap distance is usually halved, so allowance must be made for this. Or, use Sentrol wide gap switches. Mount both switch and magnet with the Sentrol name reading in the same direction (switch is polarity sensitive).

After installation, check for proper operation and circuit continuity by opening and closing the hatch.


1032, 1045T, 1082, 1085 or 1085T, 1032W, 1045TW, 1082W, 1085W, 3011; Spacers - 1914T for 1045T switch, or 1906T for 1082 switch.

Protecting Roof Hatches