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Announcing New Encoders Never Before Seen

Encoder 4/1/2014

Announcing New EncodersEncoder Products Company is proud to announce several unbelievable new products available on April 1st, 2014. EPC spokesperson Steve says, "These products are so incredible, they are sure to set the encoder industry on its ear, if not on its rear." Representing breakneck advances in technology, these products offer advantages that, at first glance, may seem too good to be true.

Model NOCM Invisicoder

While the automation industry has placed a premium on developing ever more compact devices, the engineers at EPC have taken an entirely novel approach to this challenge. Instead of reducing the footprint of the mechanical package, the Invisicoder hides the encoder altogether by making it invisible. This in effect, makes the Invisicoder the smallest conceivable encoder, thereby eliminating all space constraints. Constructed of a proprietary blend of Unobtanium and Vaporcene, the unit features a see-thru-bore design and a phantom signal output type. According to EPC's spokesperson Steve, "This product is so good, our competition simply can't touch it. We think the full potential of this technology remains to be seen."

Model NFN8 InfiniCoder 

In an era of increased energy efficiency, EPC launches the new InfiniCoder, as an energy-saving green initiative. Offering the ultimate in 100% closed-loop efficiency, the InfiniCoder produces a normal encoder signal. However, by means of a novel Lemniscate circuit, it converts the signal directly back into voltage. This voltage is then used as supply power for the encoder. According to EPC spokesperson Steve, "By ensuring that the power used by the InfiniCoder never goes anywhere, we're doing everyone a favor."

Model UN0WN CovertCoder

Digital encoders are typically connected to computer controlled systems, which are vulnerable to hackers, digital snoops and even certain organizations that may have an interest in monitoring electronic signals. EPC proudly introduces a product that is the ultimate in feedback security. The CovertCoder utilizes a special Auto-Randomizer Circuit that scrambles the encoder signal into a non-repeating random pattern of pulses, thereby making the actual encoder pulse count impossible to determine. According to EPC spokesperson Steve, "This is the first product of its kind. We've actually taken both the square and the wave completely out of the square-wave. No one is doing this with encoders."