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Fuji Electric Releases High-Performance, Standard-Type Inverter Series FRENIC-Ace

Fuji 2/12/2013

FRENIC-Ace Series InvertersFuji Electric Co. announces the release of its high-performance, standard-type series of inverters, the FRENIC-Ace.


The general purpose AC Drive is used under a wide variety of installation environments and load conditions to optimize each application characteristic in the global market, especially in Asia, China, the Americas and Europe. Fuji Electric’s new FRENIC-Ace series is positioned to capture a large share of these markets with its ability to meet these market demands.


Optimal drive rating selection - The existing general-purpose drive has only one or two ratings that customers can select to match their installation and specification needs. The FRENIC-Ace series offers four ratings, which allows customers to select the optimum drive rating for their installation and load conditions. 
Customizable logic for a wide variety of applications - Because the FRENIC-Ace series has the customizable logic function as a standard feature, customers can use this function to meet their application needs. Package software specifically designed for dedicated applications such as wire drawing machines, hoists, and spinning machines are being released as well. 
Synchronous motor drive as standard feature - The FRENIC-Ace offers more energy-saving benefits through optimal sensorless synchronous motor control. In addition, an existing motor on the site can easily be replaced with a synchronous motor even after the FRENIC-Ace has been installed. 
High-performance and high-functionality standard drive - With their ability to connect to a variety of open networks, they can be operated by remote command. This allows users to supervise the operations of the inverters from remote locations. (Modbus-RTU, DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, EtherNet/IP, Profinet-RT, and more)

Functional safety standards with sensorless speed vector control - Compliance to the following standards: EN ISO 13849-1:2008, Cat. 3/PL=e, IEC/EN 61800-5-2:2007 SIL3 (safety function: STO). This enables users to stop drive operations safely. 
Primary Applications:

Air conditioning equipment, conveyers, food-related machinery, machine tools, textile and spinning machinery, etc.


Drive Systems Business Planning & Engineering Department, 
Drive Division, Power Electronics Business Group,
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.