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Next Generation IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC Stretches Performance Beyond Micro PLC Limits

IDEC 11/29/2017
IDEC LogoIDEC Corporation announces the release of its MicroSmart FC6A Plus, a powerful PLC with up to 2,060 local I/O. With its expanded I/O capacity, the FC6A Plus can control and monitor the largest machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities, a capability seldom found in a micro PLC.
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IDEC Releases World's Smallest Safety Laser Scanner

IDEC 3/7/2017
SE2L Safety Laser ScannerCompact scanner fits into tight spaces on AGVs and forklifts, and into robot and moving machinery protection zones. Master/slave functionality is unique to the industry and provides improved connectivity, and dual zone protection is another industry first and allows one scanner to replace two light curtains.
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IDEC Offers Industry's Broadest Line of HazLoc Custom Control Stations

IDEC 3/7/2017
IDEC EC2B Series control stations and accessoriesIDEC Corporation introduces its EC2B Series, a new line of enclosures, control stations and accessories for hazardous location (HazLoc) applications.  These products deliver exceptional value and time savings to panel builders and end users with global approvals for hazardous environments, popular standard control station configurations, and customized control station configurations built and delivered to customer specifications.
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IDEC Adopts Leading-Edge Consumer Technology for Industrial Use

IDEC 10/11/2016
IDEC HG1G HMINew HMI uses worldwide standard 4.3” LCD screen size popularized by gamers to deliver a technologically advanced display with the industry’s leading brightness, lifespan and price/performance ratio.
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IDEC Releases Next Generation MicroSmart FC6A PLC

IDEC 6/8/2016
IDEC FC6A PLCIDEC Corporation announces the release of its FC6A MicroSmart, a powerful PLC with up to 520 I/O. The MicroSmart PLC provides the power of a PAC (programmable automation controller) in a low-cost controller with a small form factor, making it an ideal fit for demanding applications.
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IDEC Releases New Line of High Efficiency Power Supplies

IDEC 12/16/2015
IDEC PS5R-V Power SuppliesIDEC Corporation announces the PS5R-V line of DIN-rail power supplies, offering their customers high-efficiency in a compact form factor at competitive prices. These power supplies suit a wide range of needs in the industrial marketplace, and carry all of the required certifications necessary for use in these demanding applications. This next generation of the industry standard PS5R power supply family has updated features and specifications to meet current and future needs.
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IDEC Releases Enhanced 5.7" HMI HG2G-5T Series

IDEC 12/4/2015
IDEC HG2G-5T SeriesIDEC Corporation announces the 5.7” Enhanced HMI, HG2G-5T series, a significant upgrade from their previous Basic 5.7 inch model. The Enhanced HG2G-5T Series color version TFT LCD HMI has a resolution of 65,536 colors and a brightness of 500 cd/m2.
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IDEC Releases RV8H Compact Interface Relays

IDEC 11/19/2015
IDEC RV8H Compact RelaysIDEC Corporation announces the addition of the 14mm-wide RV8H compact relay family to its existing interface relay line. These electromechanical relays are ideal for panels with limited room as they provide up to a 40% reduction in required DIN rail track space as compared to standard ice-cube relays, and feature the industry’s lowest height requirement as they are only 70mm high.
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IDEC Releases FL1F SmartRelay

IDEC 11/16/2015
IDEC LogoIDEC Corporation announces the FL1F SmartRelay, a substantial upgrade to their previous FL1E model. Responding to market demand for a programmable relay with many of the features found in micro PLCs, the FL1F SmartRelay can now accommodate small- to medium-sized OEM machine control and other applications.
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IDEC Releases RL High Current 30A Relay

IDEC 10/14/2015
IDEC RL High Current 30A RelayIDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RL family of high current electromagnetic relays to its existing relay line. There are forty different variations of the RL relay to fit a wide variety of applications. The single-pole version can switch up to 30A, and the two-pole version can switch up to 25A. Both versions can handle a 3HP/277Vac load.
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IDEC Releases Safety Devices for Hazardous Areas

IDEC 6/19/2015
IDEC EU2B SwitchesIDEC Corporation releases the EU2B family of safety devices including pushbuttons, pilot lights, E-stops and selector switches. These devices comply with ATEX, C-UL, IEC and the new UL/NEC 505 safety standards for use in hazardous areas.
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IDEC Releases RV8S Solid State Interface Relays

IDEC 3/4/2015
IDEC RV8S Solid State Interface RelaysIDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RV8S solid state interface relays to its existing RV8 DIN rail product line. The RV8S features 100mA to 3A switching capability in a compact 6mm wide space.
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High-performance 5.7" HG2G HMI Series now with UL Type 4X and Type 13 approvals ensuring added protection

IDEC 12/11/2014
IDEC H2G2 HMI SeriesWith the addition of UL Type 4X and Type 13 approvals, IDEC high-performance 5.7” HG2G HMIs now provide a degree of protection against corrosion, dust, spraying water, oil, non-corrosive coolant, and damage from external ice formation.
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