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Length and inclination measurement. Draw wire encoder C100, measuring length up to 5 m.

Kubler 4/16/2018

C100 Draw Wire EncoderWith integrated inclinometer. Its robust design and its high IP67 protection level make the draw wire encoder C100 a particularly reliable device. It can be mounted easily and optimally in any application. Ranging from the integrated inclinometer up to the relay output, many additional options are available. In order to increase plant availability, this draw wire encoder offers the possibility to integrate a redundant system in its very compact housing.

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C100 Benefits

Automated approach and position measurement for load monitoring are increasingly important functions in mobile machinery. The new draw wire encoder C100, qualified as « mobile-robust », has been especially developed for these applications.The sensors must in the same time be cost-effective, with a robust construction and show the best repeatability possible. Kübler’s draw wire encoders demonstrate their strengths, among others, in the following applications: lift table, telescopic masts, supports and general automation technology.

C100 Applications